The face-off between Saturn (integrity, structure, and business) versus Uranus (technology, the unexpected, and shocking events) speaks to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and the devastation to our ocean life.  We have allowed big oil to run our government and determine policy instead of developing alternative clean energy.  As a result, the great teacher Saturn is demonstrating the weakness in our government and business policies. Uranus is revealing to us that our technology is not as advanced as we have been told.  The good news is the grass roots organizations rising up at this time for real Green Energy will shift the power from the oil elites back to the people and Gaia. Change is accelerating in every area of our lives personal, professional, economic, spiritual and collectively.  Revolutionary Uranus is the great awakener.  Uranus moving into Aries will transfer the power back to the people and to the planet.  Uranus rules Aquarius the Age of freedom, peace, beauty, truth and love. Aquarian energy is about business policies that serve all the people not the egocentric few at the top (Leo). We can witness the elites that have become consumed with amounting massive fortunes at the expense of their own souls and the health of mankind. Uranus wants to free and empower the people and our beloved Gaia.   Uranus will enter Aries during the Sagittarius full moon on May 27. Signaling that we are about to soar into our new lives.  We are about to get a glimpse into the future possibilities of what can be; for your personal greatest good, and the greatest good for all people and planet. We will also be seeing into our Great Golden Age our life in the 2200’s. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life. This is Alice in Wonderland meets The Men Who Stare At Goats.

Expansive Jupiter Joins Uranus

Jupiter will join Uranus in Aries on June 5th and this conjunction will last until March of 2011.  This is a rare spectacular astrological alignment. These major planetary players will provide us with tremendous insight, genius, huge breakthroughs, a step up in consciousness, and an increase in our spiritual acceleration, and psychic/intuitive abilities; for a new reality is about to be born.Aries rules the brain and blood. Uranus rules electricity and higher awareness. Their teaming up will flood our brains, blood, spinal column and nervous system with fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies.  It is going to be a mind blowing time and in a good way. On the up side we will get a massive increase in our mental abilities, (writing, speaking, teaching and comprehending concepts that previously evaded us.)  On the down side for those who are already on the edge. This energy may be their tipping point that sends them right over the cliff into the ravine.  Balance is the key. Staying grounded, in the middle, and not being moved by anything. Practice Extreme Self Care daily. Be the calm in the storm. We can practice conscious awareness. We can choose to be proactive and not reactive. We cannot have freedom (Uranus) without responsibility (Saturn). We want to reach our fullest potential; having a healthy Saturn (honor, integrity and accountability) is the answer to mastering the miraculous gifts of Uranus.

The Roaring 1920’s

The last time Uranus and Jupiter met up in Aries was in 1927. We didn’t call them the roaring twenties for nothing. Yes we were celebrating in a mighty way. Many people were living the high life, right before the stock market crash and great depression.  Are we on the verge of another total economic meltdown?  Must history continually repeat itself due to the dark nature and greed of some men? We are in our 11th hour.   However, there are several differences we have going for us today versus in the roaring 20’s. For instance, there are grass roots organizations sprouting up in America and all over the world. From the ground up, this is how real change happens. Strength is in numbers. Effective positive change comes from folks joining together and demanding our leaders give us the policies that will empower the people and grow our economy. “Rise and rise again. Until lambs become lions.” -Robin Hood

Fourth Dimension

Additionally, today we are entering the fourth dimension, indicating we all must be coming from our integrity, walking our talk and speaking our truth. In other words, we are leaving third dimension and its duality behind.  We are moving from duality and polarity “team democrat” versus ‘team republican” to a place of triality.  Where we now have a third position to see and experience the world. This will greatly increase our ability to solve problems. This entails that those in power will not be leading us from their egos (fear and domination) for much longer, instead from their Soul Intention (highest good for all concerned.)  All great leaders know that when you lead others you must care for the individual souls.  Fourth dimension reality is about empowering people. Soul leadership demonstrates that we are all in this together. Each one of us has an important role to play; from the CEO to the janitor (I appreciate clean bath rooms.)  When you empower people, the result will be the discoveries, the inventions and the solutions created will solve our nagging problems.   Empowering people is the game changer of our decade. (Jupiter and Uranus in Aries)

Soul Mate Businesses

Twin Flames and Soul Mate relationships are the highest expression of love.  We can expand that concept to include our work lives too, in business and in government we want positive soul energy. This means we are endowing our work and service with love. We place people first, then the environment, and then profit.  Each organization has a birth chart just as each person has a birth chart. What if we made it a requirement that every new business had to demonstrate soul energy in its company in order to get a license?  We could make it law that in the business birth chart, the mission statement, and the business policy, the company demonstrates that it was created to better America.  This would be a new business prototype, where all corporations are required to have a license that shows that their enterprise has a soul intention of improving the lives it touches. The business model would be that all businesses are required to have a soul destiny, that builds a positive work environment, empowering staff and clients, empowering planet and real profit based on value added products and services to our economy  in order to exist.

Solar Flares

Another new event we have on our side is the solar flares are going off on the sun and beaming powerful life enhancing light rays from the Great Central Sun, through our sun to planet earth, and her people.   The message is loud and clear from the universe.  The heat is on. The light is accelerating all of life. This is what can be exasperating our physical and emotional health issues.  The spiritual body is accelerating at the speed of light, while the physical body always is the last to catch up. Creating wild mood swings, anger, anxiety, confusion and emotional out bursts for some.  Practice eating a healthy plant based diet, exercise, sleep, rest, meditate, dance, play, sing and laugh a lot! This will help to alleviate the side effects to the physical body accelerating into higher dimension.

Calling All Teachers and Healers

Is it time for all the Masters in hiding, Jedi Knights, Buddha’s, Healers, Teachers, and Spiritual Warriors to come out of hiding? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” This reminds me of the game my neighborhood friends and I would play in the olden days called Relievio. It was like the game “Hide and Seek” only we played it in teams.  One team would run and hide and the other would count and then seek them out. Dusk would be falling heavy on us, as daylight vanished into the magical mist of the in between moments of day and night, that was the best time of day to play Relievio. “Ole, Ole In Come free”.  This means Come out; come out where ever you are.  The universe is calling out all healers, teachers and masters in hiding.  You will not be caught or jailed.   Empower yourself and empower others every where you can. In your natal Mandela is your destiny that you wrote for yourself before birth with your beloved Twin Flame.  Each one of us has a pivotal role to play in the change we want to see in the world.  We all have unique talents, gifts and abilities written into our natal chart.  Only you can bring your offerings to a waiting world. Only you can fulfill your destiny.  “Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -Saint Francis of Assisi

Things to consider when riding the wave to the Big Shift in 2012:

Stay connected to your Soul Self, Inner Being your true source of power.

Practice being grounded.

Practice being not moved by events, mood swings, or other folks.

Practice staying in the middle.

Practice Extreme Self Care.

Practice being present and conscious.

Practice non attachment to outcome.

Practice connection to your Inner Being.

Practice having a good Saturn.

Practice mediation daily.

Practice exercise daily.

Practice healthy eating.

Practice loving kindness for Self and others.

Practice non-attachment to money, possessions and people.

Let go of what is no longer working for you.

Focus on what you do want, not on what you don’t.

Let go of outworn roles.

Let go of old identities.

Stay out of fear.

Replace fear with courage.

Stop trying to fix, save and rescue others.

Step into your Authentic Power.

Be Who You Really Are.

Stop hiding your light.

Trust that all that is happening is for your Highest Good and For the Highest Good of All concerned.

Love, Wisdom and Power!

Kelley Rosano