The intensity continues with Three Moons in July and the Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 1, our biggest astrological event of the year.

This third Eclipse and New Moon activates the Cardinal Grand Square with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 15 and the Leo New Moon on July 30 promises to make July an unusual and powerful month.

The Cancer New Moon Eclipse on July 1 in the sign of our inner child, the family, our emotions and need for security will bring to our conscious awareness the “kryptonite” to our Superman. In other words, the things we do that sabotage who we are and what we want. Are we buying into the illusion that we are unworthy? These are schisms in our psychology. For instance, when a person says they want to be fit and they keep eating bad food and do not exercise. This is a mixed message in our brain-schism. We will have the opportunity at this Eclipse to heal our wounds and schisms in our psychology. The Cancer energy can be a soothing salve on our pain.

We are at a colossal crossroads, our past is dissolving, and we must choose a new path. Where is your journey taking you?


This power-packed New Moon Solar Eclipse is a turning point in our evolution, where we must change or be changed. The Eclipse will be poking at our insecurities and vulnerabilities. It is rooting out our core issues, indeed a challenging Eclipse. Not necessarily a negative event only if we are resisting. The eclipse is stirring up our feelings around self-love and self-worth. We want to remind ourselves not to judge Self or others instead practice patience and compassion.

Saturn, the lord of karma is in the sign of Libra (relationships) and in closest contact with this New Moon Eclipse. Saturn is the master teacher and builder. Nothing gets past Saturn. Saturn will continue to stress test our relationships and our personal foundation. Saturn rewards integrity, discipline and hard work. Saturn says that to have our freedom and independence. We must take responsibility for our choices and behavior.

Saturn will be delivering our next set of lessons and/or life experiences for our personal and professional development and our soul evolution.

Wherever you have Libra in your natal chart is where transiting Saturn is growing you. For instance, Saturn is in my third house. Saturn is requiring me to advance my communication skills- teaching, writing, learning and speaking. We need a good Saturn to be strong and advance in these times. Saturn likes to build slowly, make solid foundations, and valuable relationships. The personal and professional relationship blessings Saturn brings to us can last a lifetime. Saturn builds permanent success and enduring achievement. Saturn rewards integrity, honor, resilience, tenacity, perseverance and patience. Saturn can take us from mediocre to good and from good to great. What do you want to be? The question drives everything.

Erratic Uranus is squaring the Sun and Moon. Uranus in independent and fiery Aries is awakening people and liberating us from the chains and boxes that bind the mind, the body and the soul. However, not everyone will awaken. Many people are entrenched in duality. This is not their time to move forward on the path of the Ascension. For this reason, we cannot stay attached to relationships that hold us in 3D-third density consciousness. As a result, sudden and sweeping dramatic changes can make us very uncomfortable and go into fear. We may not know what to expect next. Uranus turns retrograde on July 9 until December 10 hovering close to Pluto giving no rest for the weary. However, if we stay on course, be flexible and adaptable. We can ride the Uranian wave of innovation and change and avoid being pulled under by the undertow of illusion and fear.

Pluto is squaring Uranus and this square will be the big astrological event in 2012-2015.

Uranus and Pluto together will be the astrology that transforms every institution, corporation and government on Earth. This is the same astrology we had in the 1700’s, the time of the American and the French revolution. Today’s revolution in consciousness began in the mid 1960’s when Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Virgo. During 2012-2019, we are taking our 1960’s seedlings up to the next evolutionary position. In other words, squares are stepping-stones and turning points in our lives. What we started back in the 1960’s is bearing both its fruit and challenges today. For instance, the belief in “free love” also gave us the rampant STD’s of today.

Pluto rules power. How we own our power. How we get our power. How we keep our power. How we give our power away. Pluto also rules death and transformation. Uranus the force of revolution and Pluto the force of evolution are moving closer together. The momentum is building toward all of us taking a quantum leap in consciousness. The drive for freedom and reform will continue to rise personally and collectively.


Cancer is the warrior of love. Cancer is the divine feminine, the Sister Moon to Brother Sun. In Cancer, our instinct is to hold onto the familiar, cling to safety and security. Cancer wants to feel warm and cuddly. In Cancer, we want to hug and make-up, to nurture and be nurtured.


Yet, instead of having warm fuzzy feelings, life can feel weird and strange. We can feel like we are living with the Adam’s Family for instance. Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are actively stirring the pot in July and August. Thus, we can find ourselves holding on too tightly to the old identity and the past. Our motivation can be to suppress the weird feelings coming up to the surface. If we do this, we could miss a great opportunity for a breakthrough in our life and spiritual progress! Our fear of the odd can make us shut down or suppress this energy. Where we are unwilling to face or feel what our weird feelings are trying to reveal.

For instance, suppressing our bizarre emotions can crystallize in our minds and bodies holding us in a lower consciousness. Remember that, these planets only take that which is obsolete. They will never take what you need for your soul evolution and your Ascension. There is only a stream of Well-Being flowing from Source. Make friends with the unusual and embrace your freaky feelings, give them a voice, let your feelings flow, express yourself and do what rejuvenates you. Do what empowers you. We want to love all parts of Self including our gremlins. This is what makes us whole people.


There is light at the end of the Cancer Eclipse tunnel. Generous Jupiter to the rescue is in harmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon and Pluto. Jupiter can help us progress and do what we must. Jupiter is empowering us to make the needed changes and move forward. We can move from breakdown to breakthrough. We can Begin Again and transform.If we are willing to see the truth about ourselves, others and do what is right. Be in our integrity in all choices.


The wheel of life is turning at an accelerated pace requiring us to change, shift, release and flow with our transformation. The good news is for those who are working on their empowerment. We can make huge breakthroughs in healing ourselves. We can make giant leaps in consciousness. We can use the Eclipse energy to transform our fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. We have the opportunity in July to overcome something that perhaps has been holding us back our whole lives. These are awakening times. What would happen if you followed your heart?

“If we were talking to you on your first day here we would say, “Welcome to planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have. And your work here-your lifetime career-is to seek joy. As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who-you-really-are. And in doing so you will utilize your profound freedom. Seek joy first, and all of the growth that you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly unto you.” –Abraham


Happy Fourth of July Brilliant and Beautiful Lightworkers Have Tons of Fun!

Katy Perry Firework

Blessings and Abundance,

Kelley Rosano





“Welcome beloveds and we give blessings that we are able to communicate with you and help to guide you at this time. Many of you struggled with our words regarding fear and love and we are here to guide you through this. It has been firmly implanted into your BEing that love is conditional, all over the planet the same “romantic” scenario is played out constantly. It is in your media, it is in your films, it is everywhere. From little children playing at “fairy tales” to teenage films that seek to reinforce that LOVE hurts.

We guide you most strongly dear ones that this is illusion at work. Real true love is UNconditional. Whilst you love another and place conditions or reasons on them you do not really hold love for them, you hold a mixture of fear and love. LOVE just is, dear ones, it flows, it flows through everything across planet earth. It is the whisper in the wind dear ones. You have been trained to expect love to hurt, why would that be? Why would you have to give part of yourself in order to receive LOVE when love is available for all at all times? This makes no sense dear ones.

The route to LOVE is through the heart. But if you have spent most of your existence on the planet placing conditions and reasons on another then you will have received less than love in return. Humans who love conditionally will try to turn themselves into what they are not, to LOVE another is to ACCEPT that they are human, that means they are not perfect. The “romantic” view of love eludes to the perfect human who will solve everything in your world. Do you see how this robs you of the power that you have within you? Whilst you give yourself over to another you rob yourself of all that is you. UNconditional love allows humans to BE who they are and ACCEPTED by those around them. Why would you not accept another? If you cannot accept another’s ways of BEing then we put it to you that you deny yourself the LOVE that is there for you.”— Galactic Federation Of Light & High Council of Orion June 17 2011

Here is the full message it is fantastic. Enjoy!