Mercury the Messenger turns retrograde Aug 2—August 26!






Caution is key as August kicks off with Mercury turning retrograde on August 2nd.  This cycle begins in analytical Virgo, but Mercury backing into Leo can distort perceptions. We can invest in ideas and people with more confidence than they are worth. This can lead to disappointment, when these ideas are tested against reality. On the other hand, revising systems, and reviving creative interests are positive potentials of Mercury reversals period in these signs.



Mental Mercury moving backward will face nebulous Neptune in opposition exact on August 8, which can add another layer of illusion and confusion. Yet, as illusion gives way to illumination, discerning individuals may finally see the flaws in the fantasy.  We will be navigating the weird in August.  August 2, is the one day of the month that we will be the foggiest and lacking in clarity. Aug 2, will have no forward movement to make decisions. In addition, the Moon will be void of course for 36 hours. This means the Moon is not making any aspects and acts like a Mercury Retrograde.



Neptune is blowing everyone’s mind as she backs into Aquarius opposing Mercury and the Sun in Leo. This will be drama times a thousand. Murphy’s Law is in affect all month. What can go wrong will go wrong.  Sudden events we never thought possible can happen.  August will bring major life changes, decisions and events. Breakdown to Breakthrough can be empowering!

Many structures and institutions we counted on will continue to dissolve before our eyes and this will weigh upon us greatly. This makes people crazy. A major adjustment to life circumstances will be confusing and disorientating. Unrealistic thinking may be done in a state of stunned shock as the entire future changes in the twinkling of an eye.


“This is not a test. August brings a tumultuous blend of powerful but conflicting influences. People will be overstimulated and wired. But they will need to think things through calmly and carefully.  They will need to address urgent, long-term challenges while they are facing urgent, short-term challenges.  At the same time, events and decision-making processes will slow to a crawl, bringing frustrating delays on all fronts. The upshot is that we will all need to dig much deeper into our own minds and our own hearts.  We will need to find personal strengths that we did not know we had, or that we haven’t used recently, if ever.  Most of all, we are being asked to find the courage to follow our own best instincts.” –Carl Boudreau

Transformation Tools for Riding the August Wave

Stay out of fear

Practice detachment

Detach from outcome

Keep a sense of humor

Practice heart-centered living

Breathe deeply


Go on vacation

Spend hours in nature

Love you as the gift that you are


Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano