The Pisces Full Moon on September 12 is revealing that the boundaries between time and space are collapsing. Our past, present and future lives are simultaneously playing out  in the NOW.

There are two points on the Moon that are very important. They are the North Node and the South Node.  The North Node represents the direction in life we must go in—our destiny.  The South Node represents where we have come from in our past lives and what we must release.  For instance, if our North Node is in Virgo we are learning to be pure in mind, body and heart.  Thus, our South Node is in Pisces. We must release your tendency towards escapism—avoiding responsibility.

This Pisces Full Moon challenges the transiting North Node in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini.  It is time to release our past. Whatever is no longer serving our soul evolution may breakdown. Yet, we can use this Full Moon energy to cut away from self-destructive past-life patterns. How do you know when you are in a past life? If the emotion does not equal the situation, you are in the past perhaps a past life.  For instance, you meet someone and you are surprisingly attracted to this person. Yet, by all your logic and reason, the attraction makes no sense to you or your life path. We can meet people who are soul mates from our past—past lives/wives. We may have unfinished business. We have something to give each other and/or to do together in order to heal, thrive and increase our wholeness. Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes and for mutual growth.

This Pisces Full Moon is our cosmic invitation to cleanse all negative emotional energy.  A person can feel freed from guilt, helplessness, self-pity, and other emotional pitfalls. One can feel a new lease on life. Movement into new directions that build security can begin. Greater emotional strength may be available. Making peace with the past is possible. Past-life habits can be positively integrated into the present.

We are Spirit in form—Virgo. We are returning to Source—Pisces.

Additionally, we want to remember that not everyone is embracing our revolution in consciousness. For many people this is not their cycle to ascend into Fifth Dimension. Since moving forward into 5D is not in their consciousness. They will be asleep to the vast multidimensional changes taking place.  Those who are unaware may experience this Full Moon with fear, negativity and judgment. Life may seem empty and meaningless. One can willfully follow the dark side and self-deception can dominate. Adherence to the old and comfortable can keep a person in confining situations.   We want to be awake and clear our personal space from the negativity of others.  For instance, people who are processing their negative emotions and/or are projecting negativity from their slumbering awareness. The more we awaken and advance spiritually the more sensitive and telepathic we will become. Thus, we must be awake and aware of our own energy and cleanse our personal space.



“Third density is especially arduous experiencing because it encompasses so many levels, and the difference between its lowest and the first level of fourth density is as dramatic as night and day.  The evolutionary process from third to fourth could be likened to countless  similar objects—let us say dominoes for your picturing—some at the foot of a mountain and others climbing it. Observing closer in, you can see that not only are the dominoes moving at different speeds, but some are going straight up, others keep moving a tad to the left then the right as they climb, and some are falling behind the dominoes they used to be in front of.




Using that analogy, when this era of spiritual renewal and world transformation started some seventy years ago, the vast majority of Earth’s residents was huddled at the bottom of the mountain. Since then, many have done so much side-stepping that they’re barely halfway up, some souls have fallen so far behind that they can only see the mountain in the distance, and many others have climbed so fast and steadily that they’ve almost reached the mountain peak—and to this last group, we say, “Hooray for you!”  —-Matthew and Suzy Ward*

The Virgo New Moon on August 29 was the best New Moon of the Year!

The Virgo New Moon was fertile with the Creative Solutions to our vital needs and challenges. The powerful Golden Earth Pyramid between Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Moon and Venus continues to pour resources into our lives.  Mercury now in Virgo has joined the Golden Earth Pyramid at the time of the Pisces Full Moon. We are being empowered by the unlimited prosperity of the universe.

We are heading towards a new frontier and we will be given what we need to reach our destination.

“Time to Receive

When you call forth Creative Solutions, and sincerely ask for Divine Intervention to work in your life, it is also important that you give yourself time to receive inspiration. Sit quietly in Nature, or in a comfortable place so you can take long slow deep breaths that will nourish you. In doing this, you create more balance in yourself and raise your spiritual energy. This will open you to an expanded perspective of the world you live in. You can let go of your problem knowing that you have offered the situation to a Higher Power, and new ideas will come to you in Divine Timing, often in very synchronous ways. Mentally grinding on the problem to find a solution will only slow down the process.

The Creative Solutions you call forth also blend your soul with others who match your vibration. This enables you to feel yourself becoming a part of a more creative wholeness both within and around you. Here is a prayer for you to consider:

Divine Presence, All That Is,

Please bring the power of your Creative Solutions into my life right now. All situations that seem to have no hope of resolution facing me as well as others, I ask for Creative Solutions to manifest. Into the minds of all government leaders, all people who are struggling, every environmental situation, may the Light of Creative Solutions flow bringing expanded perspective, new vision, and harmony for the highest good of all concerned. I invite my soul community to come together so we can share in these wondrous times.

I give thanks that this blessing is available to all who seek, and I am grateful for the Creative Solutions working in every area of my life. I AM blessed that Creative Solutions abound! And so it is.” —–Shanta Gabriel*

Passionate Pluto turns direct on September 16 this increases the strength of the Golden Earth Pyramid flooding our world and each one with enough power to overcome all obstacles. We can navigate the storms emerging internally and/or externally by calling forth the Light of Creative Solutions.  In truth, we were born to live through these transformational times because we are very strong souls.  Pluto rules death and rebirth. Death is the final illusion we will conquer. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love is more powerful than death. In the movie, What Dreams May Come the power of Love pulled a lost soul up and out of the bed, she had made in hell.  This story reveals the highest truth of Pisces– we are immortal beings.  We Are One. We are all connected to each other through the One Source—Love. Einstein, who was a brilliant Pisces, believed that dreams are more important than facts, figures and reality.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”–Albert Einstein

You are an eternal mystery. There is no greater adventure than unveiling the mystery of Self–past, present and future. Our natal chart is our soul blueprint and road map. It is where you will discover your calling, right livelihood or purpose and soul agreements.  The natal astrology reveals your greatest potential and possibilities in life.





You can never be alone because you have a Twin Flame.* You and your Twin Flame Are One. Even death cannot separate Twin Flames in Love. Twin Flames spiraling in infinity—Alpha loves Omega our Father Mother God. We were made in the image and the likeness of God. Perhaps your Twin Flame is pulling for you cheering you on to come up higher in consciousness.




The Virgo/Pisces opportunity is to free our mind, let go and see where our dreams will take us. Life is not what you see, but what you have projected. What are you projecting? Are you projecting love or fear? We are moving from the bottom line to the spiritual line. We must become pure in heart, like the child to enter the Kingdom (consciousness) of God.  In order to purify, we must tame the false ego and make it servant to our Soul. We come from either love or fear. Fear makes us hold our energy in we stop taking risks, going out and moving forward.  The Law of Attraction cannot increase our wealth if we are holding our energy in and not expanding. If we want greater prosperity and JOY, we will need to move ourselves out enough to attract MORE. It is the Universal Law of giving and receiving.  We must risk feelings of vulnerability and exposure to be heart centered. Your perfection lies in your imperfection. This is your authentic beauty.

What are you dreaming? What do you love? What inspires you?



The One What Dreams May Come




Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano


*Matthew and Suzy Ward

*Shanta Gabriel

*Twin Flames and Soul Mates