Venus just entered her home sign Libra on September 14. This is typically a time for Venus to be very happy in home sweet home—Libra. However, Venus transiting Libra is telling us a very different story than pleasure in paradise. We have just entered a nasty neighborhood.

For instance, you receive a fancy party invitation. You get dressed to the max complete with perfect hair and make-up—Libra. On the night of the party, you walk through the entrance and much to your surprise. People dressed in strange, dark, creepy Gothic looking attire greet you. Folks you may never associate with, let alone go to their party.

This is the big bad wolf—Uranus and Darth Vader—Pluto having fun with you.

Venus the Goddess of love, beauty, abundance and peace rules Libra. Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn are the cardinal season changing signs.  The minute a planet transits into theses signs. We are not only in a new season. We activate the disruptive and transformational Cardinal Square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

We have the choice to integrate the offering and learn from the experience. Do these strange people at the party have something to share? Are you trying to ignore some deep shadowy side of self that you are pushing into a deep corner of your being? For instance, can we have greater freedom and power if we embrace our dark and strange side instead of disowning it?  We can learn from the experience, integrate it or we can reject it. This is our choice.

♥ What truth is being revealed in yourself, relationships and life at this time?

♥ Are you trying to ignore some deep shadowy side of self ?

♥ What needs healing, resolution and integration?

♥ What do you believe that makes you feel unworthy, unattractive and/or ineffective?

♥ What actions steps can you take today to feel empowered and on track?


Love, Peace and Abundance to All,

Kelley Rosano