On September 27, we have a Libra New Moon.  In the past, this would mean we are about to enter one of the most gracious, intelligent and classy times of the year. Venus the Goddess of love, beauty, abundance and peace rules Libra.  However, This Libra New Moon has the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus challenged by evolutionary Uranus and revolutionary Pluto. Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn are the cardinal season changing signs.  The minute a planet transits into theses signs. We are not only in a new season. We activate the disruptive and transformational Cardinal Square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  Venus is leading the planets and the New Moon through this obstacle course run by Uranus, Pluto and Saturn

Venus just entered her home sign Libra on September 14. This is typically a time for Venus to be very happy in home sweet home—Libra. However, this Venus transiting Libra is telling us a very different story than pleasure in paradise. We have just entered a nasty neighborhood. For instance, you receive a fancy party invitation. You get dressed to the max complete with perfect hair and make-up—Libra. On the night of the party, you walk through the entrance and much to your surprise. People dressed in strange, dark, creepy Gothic attire greet you. Folks you may never associate with, let alone go to their party.

This is the big bad wolf—Uranus and Darth Vader—Pluto having fun with you.

Uranus is in opposition to the Libra New Moon. Uranus represents the element of surprise. We can expect the unexpected. Uranus likes to shake us out of our antiquated attitudes, prejudices, illusions, and false beliefs. Oppositions are awareness’s that come to us externally though other people, situations and events. We have the invitation to integrate the offering and learn from the experience or discard it.  Do these strange people at the party have something to offer?  Are you trying to ignore some deep shadowy side of self that you are pushing into a deep corner of your being? For instance, can we have greater freedom and power if we embrace our dark and strange side instead of disowning it? We can learn from the experience, integrate it or we can reject it. This is our choice.

Is there a part of Self that has been stifled for so long that it  shows up as awkward and unattractive? For instance, do you stay in a marriage when your spouse is cheating on you? You may have financial security. However, what does betrayal cost our self-worth and self-esteem? What karma do we make with our own soul, allowing abusive and disrespectful behavior? This is not love. This is dependency. Two people matched at the same level of woundedness. Bonded together through mutual fear and pain—this is dysfunctional. Saturn in Libra is doing a stress test on all of our relationships. The good ones will become stronger. The weaker ones will fall apart. Libra and Venus rule relationships.  We have a relationship to Self, Gaia, Creator, family, friends, work, health, money and so on. Uranus wants to awaken and empower us to live authentically and be who-we-really-are. Be authentic and live our truth. Uranus wants us to think and feel unconventionally. Think and feel outside of the box. Listen to our emotions. Trust our heart. Take action.

This can be a time of realignment and/or readjustment in our relationships. People we never thought would team up do.

Pluto lord of the underworld is adding a magical element to the Libra New Moon. Pluto rules obsession, compulsion, passion, sexuality and the taboo side of life. Pluto is squaring—challenging the Sun, Moon and Mercury at the Libra New Moon.  Pluto is easier to manage if we are being honest with our real feelings and ourselves. Pluto empowers us to go deep inside and find out what we really want in relationship, work and life. Emotional self-analysis is very effective now, as long as we are willing to be honest.  Encounters with others may also force an emotional self-confrontation that is useful, even though possibly unpleasant.  Pluto can also bring out the dark side in human nature. Power struggles, power plays, manipulation, hidden agendas, guilt, shame, revenge and mind games are Pluto’s dark signature.

“Pluto/Uranus squaring each other can bring out the asshole in people.”

— Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine

Pluto and Uranus can feel like a foreign energy a force that is imposing its will on us. An external power greater than us and beyond our control is pushing us in a new direction.  Pluto and Uranus are forcing us to make radical changes in our relationships, lives, social structures and institutions. Anything less than love and truth will crumble.  The best way to ride the wave of Pluto/Uranus is to let go of old patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you.  Resistance is futile and expensive. In others words, we must change or be changed.  Pluto pushes us to purge something from our life that may have held us back. For instance, this New Moon is a great opportunity to start a new healthy diet and/or exercise routine. We can shed those unwanted pounds and feel stronger. Yeah!

Mars is in courageous and creative Leo. He is in harmony—sextiling the Libra New Moon.  Mars is in supportive aspect—trining Uranus in Aries a fellow fire sign.  Mars trine Uranus is a transit for personal growth and self-discovery that can be quite significant in our psychological development, as well as being positively exciting. There will be new activities and new encounters, some quite unexpected, that will generate excitement and personal growth. Mars can empower us to release the stress and tension that has been building and the New Moon is evoking.

Mars in Leo is asking, “What are you doing with your anger, passion and heart?”

Mars is Aries ruling planet.  Mars is the pivot point for transiting Uranus now in Aries driving our transformation.  In other words, Mars and Uranus have teamed up for Uranus stay in Aries until February 2019. Wherever Mars is transiting in our natal chart, he is directing and channeling the revolutionary Uranian energy into our life. Mars in Leo can be brave and inspired or immature and arrogant.  There is so much power and force in this combination.  We will need healthy outlets for our energy and emotions. One can emotionally explode from the force of this energy. The Libra New Moon can take the lid off a long-term relationship and/or situation that must change, realign and readjust itself.

“The courageous lead us all to higher ground. Be courageous.”—Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Real shifts must now take place personally and collectively.  We are to no longer prop up or bail out the old structures. Our challenge will be to maintain our poise and equilibrium while the storms, tornados and Earth Changes cleanse the planet of the collective negative consciousness.   We can train ourselves to expect the unexpected. We can practice being the calm in the storm.

Libra is the born counselor, mediator, and diplomat.  The highest level of Libra is that of the Judge.  The Justice card in the Tarot is Libra. Librans are able to go into a situation, see both sides of an argument, and provide a fair and balanced judgment. Librans do not need to fear evil, conflict or trouble. Creator has given Librans the tools to fulfill their divine role—cosmic Judge of the universe.


However, Libra you must know this truth for yourself.  You must belief in your inner power and strength. You can master difficult situations with grace. You are the iron fist in the velvet glove.  Transiting Saturn in Libra is challenging Libras and all lightworkers to reclaim their Sovereign power.  We are the real stewards, true and faithful guardians of Gaia—our beloved Planet Earth.

Libra’s nature is to seek beauty, peace and harmony.  Thus, many Librans do not want to rock the boat. Harmony at all costs will not solve problems.  What we resist persists. Moreover, if we do not speak truth to power, challenge tyranny and stand up to the bully. We will continue to have people like Muammar Gaddafi running countries at the expense of the people.  Thus, there are times when we need to stand up, speak the truth and be honest in our relationships and what we want from life.  We must walk our talk.

Saturn is the teacher’s teacher. Saturn is the guru’s guru.  Saturn has the final say in all matters including the Libra New Moon. We will answer to a Higher Authority—Saturn.   The New Moon will separate and each planet one by one. The Moon, Mercury and Sun will have to confront Saturn in Libra. Venus is ahead of the Libra posse and leading the way to serious Saturn. Saturn rules integrity, discipline, honor and responsibility. The message is if we are in our integrity. We will have the support of Saturn. Saturn can be a hard and cold reality. Saturn will empower us if we are true and have honor.  Saturn wants us to define our core values, strengthen our self-worth and self-esteem. Saturn wants us to raise our standards, set boundaries and stop our tolerations. Saturn will deliver us to our personal and professional goals, if we are willing to do the work and make the commitment.

The spiritual bottom line is that the shit storm has arrived. This astrology can draw out the asshole in people.  However, we are the lightworkers. Creator is pouring greater and greater light into us. We are approaching the vast wave of LOVE/LIGHT energy sweeping the Earth, Gaia and all living creatures. On the 11-11-11, we are experiencing waves of the Creator LOVE/LIGHT energy. An Ascension Energy Vortex Portal has opened on 9-11-11 through 11-11-11. We are going to full consciousness—Fifth Dimension. No longer will anything be kept hidden from us. We will know all truth.

Many people believe that 11-11-11 is the shift into the Age of Aquarius.

Creator’s wave of LOVE sweeping the planet has a purifying and empowering affect. We are learning to live as heart-centered beings. Libra is the Goddess of LOVE. She wants us to make love not war. We are entering a New Age of Divine LOVE.  We want to remember that many folks are angry, frustrated, scared and lashing out at the nearest target. I understand the rage of those who have lost their jobs, homes and are suffering.  These are wild transformational times.  Out of the ashes of what is crumbling. We will birth our New Economy. We will have a wave of prosperity and opportunity wash over the planet unlike anything we have ever known.  We have to keep the faith and practice grace under fire.

Libra New Moon


Love, Peace and Abundance for All,

Kelley Rosano

New Moon in Libra Questions to Consider:


♥ What truth is being revealed in yourself, relationships and life at this time?

♥ Are you trying to hide some deep shadowy side of self?

♥ What do you believe that makes you feel unworthy, unattractive and/or ineffective?

♥ What are you doing with your anger, passion and heart?

♥ What needs healing, resolution and integration?

♥ What actions steps can you take today to feel empowered and on track?

♥ What do you think is possible?

♥ What opportunities are available to you right now?

♥ What is working for you?

♥ Do you have faith and trust to follow your own instincts and your own heart?

Clearing the obstacles

♥ Is struggling a natural pattern in your life?

♥ Do you make your life harder by resisting change?

♥ What are you believing that makes you feel that way?

♥ Why do the opinion of other human beings mean so much to you?

♥ Why do you place reason on yourself as to why you do not “qualify” for love?

♥ Who has the authority to question how you live your life?

♥ Is your heart truly in what you are doing?