Make a Wish… In the Direction of Your Dreams

Every month on the New Moon we can set our intentions for the next 30 day cycle. This is what Lightworkers refer to as Light Cast Day.  For instance, we have the Libra New Moon today. That makes it Light Cast Day. We can use the power of the Sun and the Moon united together to manifest what we desire, wish and dream. For instance, what do you want? What does your heart desire? What are your dreams come true? What brings you joy? What makes you feel good? What empowers you? What do you want to release at this time?

A New Moon is a potent opportunity to keep an open mind, hold a  positive attitude, focus on what we want and go for it!

7 Steps for Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire!

New Moon Light Cast Ritual is a tool used to create greater Love, Abundance and Health:

Step 1) Get into a meditative state
Step 2) Visualize what you want, including what you want to release, i.e., anxiety, fear around money etc., uncertainty and state your intentions out loud.
Step 3) Fill your heart with love.
Step 4) Breathe deeply, in with the love and exhale out with the fear.
Step 5 Release and let go of your wishes and desires surrender onto the universe.
Step 6 ) Understand that you are worthy of receiving and living fearlessly.
Step 7) Go have fun and be in JOY.

 Desire — Resistance = Deliberate Creation


 “Believe in the possibility of all your dreams coming true. It is the first step in the manifestation of your heart’s true desires.” —-Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Blessings and Abundance!

Kelley Rosano