The Aries Full Moon on October 11-12 creates conscious awareness between our individual needs, wishes, desires and our relationships.  Full Moons represent a climax and/or peak experience. Full Moons bring completions and endings. Endings bring beginnings.  The planets take only what is obsolete to our soul evolution and path to Ascension.

What do you want to do with your life?

Why are you here?

What do you believe?

What empowers you?

What can you release that will enrich your life?

Do you need to let go of something that is comfortable to get something better?

Aries, as the first astrological sign, represents new life, new beginnings, adventure, leadership and strength. Mars is Aries ruling planet. Aries are action-orientated individuals. Aries teaches us that in order to give ourselves away, there must be something to give. “I AM” is Aries keyword. Wherever Aries is found in your natal chart, this is where you, as Spirit, begin to operate. The Ram objectively symbolizes Aries. Aries are the heroes of the zodiac. Aries highest level is the Lamb of God—Spirit which has been subjugated by our ego. In other words, when we allow our ego to make our decisions and run our life, our Spirit and soul takes a back seat.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and the turning point in the evolutionary process.  The depths of selfness have been reached in Libra. Relationships involving cooperation are born. The soul can no longer operate in the “me” consciousness—Aries. The soul must become the “we” consciousness—Libra.  Venus is the ruler of Libra­—for only though love and cohesiveness can true union be attained. One of Libra’s weaknesses is wanting to be all things to all people. Libra’s desire to be liked by everyone is so great that they will not take a stand on an issue, even when they know it to be true inwardly. Libra represents the power of love and peace. The Moon in Aries illuminates where we need to be courageous and willing to break new ground. All Full Moons challenge us to integrate two seemingly polarized archetypes. In order to do this we must connect our heart and head and move beyond either/or thinking—duality. Aries asks: Who am I? Libra asks: Who are we?

Serious Saturn conjuncts the sun and opposes the moon at the Full Moon. Saturn has an exact conjunction to the Libra sun on October 13.  In the final days of duality, this is set to complete on 12.12.12. We are settling our karmic debts at warp speed—hence the magnitude of inner and outer changes appearing in our lives and the outer world. Saturn forces us to be in our integrity. We must have accountability with the use of our power and authority.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Saturn returns to us what we have done in this life and past lives. These are the end times. The true definition of the end times means the end of limited consciousness and not the end of the world.  We use less than 10% of our brainpower. We are moving towards full consciousness using 100% of our brain capacity.  Soon we will have new amazing talents, gifts and abilities beyond our wildest imagination. Think of the creativity and prosperity we will manifest.

Occupy Wall Street has that Uranus in Aries quality—evolution, revolution and fearlessness. Creator’s LOVE/LIGHT energy has awakened our youth and people. In truth, the LIGHT was winning from the beginning. We have awakened our young lions. We are taking back our power from the ruling class.  We are doing this peacefully. Our youth hold the blueprint to our Golden Age dawning. Do not let their tattoos and/or body piercing fool you. Underneath this eccentric Uranian self-expression are old souls and advanced beings from advanced civilizations. That have incarnated on Earth for this very purpose. These young folks are our courageous vanguards speaking truth to power.  Advanced beings have in their causal body—past life attainment—courage, strength, vitality, clarity, and wisdom to overcome all obstacles.

Empowering people is the game changer of our decade.


Imagine a world free of hunger, pollution and poverty.  In the near future, our systems, organizations and governments will build compassion, freedom, justice, love, creativity and prosperity for all.  This is where we are going. It is always the darkest before the dawn. We are awakening from the 3-D nightmare. We are the change. You and I are part of the collective change. What action steps can you take today to feel proactive in our awakening? How can you connect in community to feel your oneness?

The Aries Full Moon is urging us to use our intuition and ingenuity to make real changes, rather than playing the role of the victim, rebel or martyr. We chose to be part of the greatest spiritual revolution in history. We have had lifetimes of training for these end times, which can be arduous, uncertain and demanding. Creator’s LOVE/LIGHT cleansing energy is dismantling our false egos.  If need be taking our egos apart brick by brick so to speak. This is the cost for our spiritual advancement.  Saturn in Libra says that our attachments to relationships, possessions, and money cannot insulate us from God’s trial by fire. We are experiencing until the end of duality  —12 .12 .12. We have to finish up and quickly. We cannot take our third-dimensional karma into fifth dimension-full consciousness. We are transforming from the caterpillar to the butterfly.  We are awakening to our fullest potential and this is beautiful to behold.


The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity.” ~ George Carlin


Imagine John Lennon

Blessings and Abundance for All,

Kelley Rosano