The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on November 24-25 is an extra powerful New Moon. It is declaring that we have come to the completion of a major life lesson and are ready to move to the next level. Depending on where the Solar Eclipse occurs in your natal chart will determine where you are graduating.

♠ What is complete for you?

♠ What do you really want?

♠ What do you think is possible?

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon interrupts the current flow of cosmic radiation on Earth, reconfiguring the energetic templates of reality and facilitating a download of new codes and programs. This eclipse is offering a major expansion of consciousness if we are open to receive. Old pathways are dissolving. New environments and new opportunities emerge as creativity, innovation and invention expands.

Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the Ninth House, which governs spirituality, long-distance travel, galactic travel, Creator, beliefs, higher education, understanding and the super conscious mind. Sagittarius key word is “freedom” and key phase is “I see.” The centaur (half-human half-animal) carrying a bow and arrow aimed at the heavens is the symbol of this sign. The centaur represents Sagittarians attempt for the Soul-Self to take dominion over his lower nature—ego. Fun loving and gregarious Sag are friendly, outgoing, optimistic and extroverted in their approach to life. Sag’s love sports, gambling, and are willing to take a chance on anything. “Don’t fence me in is their battle cry!”

On the other hand, self-sabotaging Sag has no boundaries and runs over other peoples boundaries. Jupiter is their ruling planet. Jupiter expands by nature both our positive and negative traits. Sag’s are notorious for biting off more than they can chew. Just because we can do something does not mean we should. Sag’s Achilles is ignoring their limitations, over promising, overreaching and thus under-delivering. For instance, a kid in a candy shop with pockets full of coins can lead to expensive cavities—life lessons.

Sagittarians are independent and freedom is the breath of life to them, for they cannot be pinned down. Where Capricorn clings to tradition and the past, Sag could care the less. Forward focused Sagittarians are ready to move into the future. They love to travel and are the gypsies of the zodiac. As s/he reaches middle age their desire for distant horizons will turn inward and upward. Their spiritual path takes precedence. This is not in a dogmatic way, but the spiritual life begins to dominate their thinking and feelings. They have a talent for understanding people and that makes them good counselors, ministers, Human Resource directors and workers in humanitarian movements. They are also brilliant sales people and the promoter types. Wherever Sagittarius falls in your natal chart is where you need to “expand” and review your attitudes to the house affairs. This area of your life has been restricted in previous lifetimes through choice or through circumstances.

Chiron, the wounded healer, also depicted as Centaur, is squaring–challenging–the Solar Eclipse. Mars in Virgo squares the Sun and Moon, forming a mutable T-Square, empowering us to move away from ego-centered fighting and competition. We are to move into heart-centered living and replace criticism and judgment with compassion. We want to keep the focus on the big picture. We are the 99%. We hold the light. We are the power. We are creating the New Earth. We are in this vast transformation together. We are not separate from each other—illusion. We Are One. We are all divine sparks of Source.  We are cells in the body of Gaia creating reality.

Mercury Retrograde November 24 — Dec 13, 2011

Mercury the messenger turns retrograde just hours before the Solar Eclipse at 20* Sagittarius. Mercury’s retrograde phase doubles his time in Sag (Nov 2, 2011—Jan 7, 2012). Mercury will empower us to expand our consciousness beyond our current reality. Encouraging us to let go of old beliefs, dogma, intellectual superiority and live from our heart. Thus, s/he who has the biggest heart wins. One can feel pregnant with possibilities. See the new opportunities that are now in your life. Mercury turns direct on December 13 and will fully complete his cycle back to 20* Sag on New Year’s Eve.

How we live today may look completely different by the end of 2011.

Uranus–the awakener, creative, resourceful and original is in harmonious trine–easy flowing, positive, and uplifting with the Solar Eclipse. This is the way out from the challenging T-square. In other words, the more creative and resourceful we are–working with our present resources, tools, skills and abilities the more the eclipse will empower and promote us personally, spiritually and professionally! Additionally, not only are the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, the North Node, Mercury and Venus are too. This amplifies the call for the lightworkers to hold the space for the masses that are awakening.

We can fix our problems! Financial research has shown that with a four hundred billion dollar investment, we could end world hunger and poverty. We have spent trillions of dollars on war.  We could consider these very bad financial investments wasting our precious youth, destroying our planet and squandering resources. People, communities and nations with economic security do invest in our products and services. Thus, prosperous people increase our standard of living. Abundance grows from the roots up from the 99% and not from the top down the 1%. NESARA* is our answer. The National Economic Security and Recovery Act will restore your rightful wealth. Believe.

The Archer aims his arrow toward the Milky Way Galaxy, bringing to light life-changing truths, frontiers and limitless potentials. Eclipses herald major endings and beginnings. They are the turning points in our evolution, replacing our intrepid illusions with truth and transcendence. We surrender to the light. We rise above the negatives by practicing consciousness awareness in our behavior, thoughts and feelings. Our Light and heart is our protection not our egos and fears.  We have the Grand Earth Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, ending November on a very positive note. For all those who are ready to take charge of their lives. Be the victor not the victim. There has never been a better time than November and December 2011 to start a new business, enroll in a university, start a new job and/or expand your current business. Cosmic Simon says, “Go for it!”

“The greatest gift you could ever give another is the gift of your expectation of their success.” ––Abraham

Sagittarians make the best Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean – Incredible Piano Solo of Jarrod Radnich


Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Appreciation, Gratitude and Abundance for all!

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Blessings and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

Happy Sagittarius Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse Questions to Consider:

♥ What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?

♥ Where does courage dwell in you?

♥ What is working for you?

♥ What are you proud of that you have accomplished?

♥ What are your talent, gifts and abilities that you can use today to move up?

♥ What is holding you back?

♥ What is valid and true for you?

♥ Where are you going?

♥ If money were not a concern for you, what would you be doing?

♥ How can you be wrong if you are the captain of your ship?

♥ Do you have the faith and trust to follow your own instincts and your own heart?


Mercury Retrograde November 24–December 13, 2011

Gemini Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011

Uranus Direct December 10, 2011

Jupiter Direct December 25, 2011

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The National Economic Security and Recovery Act


NESARA implements the following changes:

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

2. Abolishes the income tax.

3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential-new-items-only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.

5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.

6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment:

This clause reads:

“No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.

9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

14. Restores financial privacy.

15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.

17. Establishes peace throughout the world.

18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.




Always Victory!