The Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 10 could be a wild roller coaster ride. Truth telling Uranus moves direct just hours before this eclipse. However, Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury the messenger and God of communication is still in retrograde motion. This can make life chaotic and confusing. We could be experiencing some very strange feelings. We are being bombarded with high-level energies and from many angles over an extended period. Old programs are being erased. New pathways become available and higher dimensions more accessible, as the matrices supporting creation are upgraded and rebooted.

♠ Are you experiencing opposing forces within yourself?

♠ Are you feeling tension and/or anxiety in your Solar Plexus (stomach area)?

♠ Are you tired requiring more rest than usual?

These are the symptoms of the Ascension process. We are purging our lower 3D energies—ego, attachments and negativity. We are working vigorously on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical planes of being. Aligning with the fifth dimensional energies is hard work requiring rest and assimilation.

The Gemini total Lunar Eclipse is a powerful punctuation mark on our life path. Eclipses are turning points and opportunities for our soul evolution and advancement.  The Sun is in far reaching Sagittarius. The Moon is in chatty Gemini. There could be shocking and surprising revelations and changes with people, situations, institutions, governments and extraterrestrial events.

Our assumptions about reality will be tested. Reality is created through consciousness. What we feel, perceive and believe determines our reality. Uranus rouses us from our cultural conditioning and urges us to march to the beat of our own drummer. We could find ourselves in the bliss of living outside the limited thinking box. Additionally, we are working with bizarre and weird energies from the disruptive transformative astrology. As a result, people can behave very strangely now leaving us with more questions than understanding.  We need to stay strong—focused on our work and service.

Gemini is the sign of The Twins.

Why? You may ask? The twins represent a dual type of mind—someone who sees both sides of a question and jumps with interest to every new idea presented. They are friendly, witty, eloquent, versatile and perceptive. The less evolved Gemini’s can be restless, two-faced, critical and impatient. Gemini’s keyword is “I think.” Gemini’s love variety and detest boredom.   Gemini is the butterfly of the zodiac. They can flit from one experience to another, gathering bits of information along the way. Gemini’s minds are thirsty for intellectual satisfaction. Gemini’s can be karma chameleons molding to a relationship, situation, group and beliefs in their environment. However, in their attempt to stay on the surface—to avoid conflict and not go deep. Gemini’s can lose touch with their core values, needs and truth.  Their challenge is that they can see both points of view. This makes Gemini appear contradictory in their beliefs and position. Gemini must declare what it is they truly stand for and believe regardless of the approval of others.

Gemini’s are fun, interesting and stimulating to be around. We can learn tremendously from our master communicator friends. Gemini’s make brilliant teachers, sales people, speakers, diplomats, journalists and actors. They think quickly on their feet and have the ability to use the right words in any situation. They have wonderful wit and a good sense of humor. Gemini’s are perceptive, intuitive and logical.  In the Tarot, Gemini is the Lovers card two opposites one male and one female in polarity. Gemini makes us aware of the duality of our own natures and how it affects our close personal relationships.

We all possess both the positive and negative traits of the twelve tribes/signs in each of our natal charts, pathologies and psychologies.  For instance, wherever Gemini falls in our natal chart is where we need to obtain a variety of experiences. We need to be “curious” so that we will investigate the area of life ruled by Gemini. The saying that variety is the “spice of life” is applicable to the Gemini-ruled house

The North Node and the South Node

There are two points on the Moon that are very important. They are the North Node and the South Node. The North Node represents the direction in life we must go in. The South Node represents where we have come from in the past. The North Node is in Sagittarius and the South Node is in Gemini at the Lunar Eclipse. The Moon is conjunct the South Node in Gemini. There could be a strong pull to our past, avoidance through retreating, self-medicating and gossip. People can be obsessing about religion, dogma and entrenched old patterns. We want to stay out of the South Node and go in the direction of the North Node in Sagittarius.

We want to stay grounded. Stay involved. Stay connected. Stay on your horse, no matter what is going on with other people. Focus on your work and service. Align yourself with what you truly believe in your heart. Seek out and network with other like/light minded people, groups and associations. Robust alliances are people we work effectively with for the good of all concerned. We can weather the transformative journey together with our strong alliances. In other words, no matter how weird people or events become, do not get off your horse. Do not get caught up in the chaos, confusion and drama.  In the direction of the North Node, we stay focused on our service, work and goals. Seek out robust alliances in those who can network with you successfully. Keep the focus on your Inner Being. Meditate daily. Practice patience.

This Gemini Full Moon Eclipse is about decisions, choices and unexpected changes.  Perhaps we have a choice between security and some personal risk to move in a new direction. The cosmic message here is to experience the reward from new opportunities. We must be willing to step out of our comfort zones, risk rejection and failure.  Comfort creates ease. Yet, comfort can build ruts that block our growth, expansion and happiness. We can stay too long in a relationship, a job and/or a living location. Decide. Then move on, secure in the knowledge that your choice is the right one.  When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else. Follow your bliss.

Messenger Mercury moves direct on December 13, the road to clear communication will begin to appear. Jupiter turns direct on Christmas day! Sudden success could be on the way! All the planets will be direct from December 25, 2011—–January 23, 2012.  This is our cosmic green light for advancement in our personal and professional lives. Surprising opportunities will emerge. You will be adjusting in miraculous ways to changing circumstances. Get ready for action, adventure and upward mobility.

“Desire is the beginning of all new Creation.” — Abraham


Blessings and Abundance for All,

Kelley Rosano


Happy Gemini Lunar Eclipse!


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Mercury Direct December 13, 2011

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