The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1-2 opens the door to our abundant future. The Sun in creative Leo is opposing the Moon in innovative Aquarius.  We can combine our personal aspirations with the collective goals. The Full Moon is an outpouring of positive energy, transmuting the lower negative energies into the light.

For instance, there is a harmonious energy flow between jovial Jupiter in Gemini to the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon.  This uplifting vibration provides a feast of ideas and new revelations inspiring our ambitions.  Aquarius wants us to Dream Big and Think Big. We can be experiencing many “ah ha” moments and epiphanies taking us to our brilliant breakthroughs. Old problems can find new solutions.


 “If you would simply reach for the thought that feels better, reach for the thought that feels better — everything would come into alignment for you. You can’t pull your desires back, because as soon as you do, contrast is going to produce another one. Your desires are romping, and the more you deal with your resistance, the faster your desires will go. And the faster your desires go without resistance, the better you feel.” ~ Abraham



The Aquarius Full Moon offers us new thoughts, leading to constructive contacts and new sources of income. This astrology expands our possibilities. We feel better. We feel more capable. We are ready to take on new projects. Jupiter in harmonious energy flow to the major lights (the Sun and the Moon) is helpful for improving our relationships. We are more open and willing to embrace new people, new ideas and new opportunities. Thus, we can magnetize new friends and lovers through our positivity–attraction in action.


♥ What does your heart desire?

♥ What are you dreaming?

♥ What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?


Superhero Mars in Libra is in harmonious aspect to the Aquarius Moon and Leo Sun empowering cooperation in relationships. We don’t want to dominate and control. We want to collaborate and co-create together—win/win relationships.  Soul mates empower each other and challenge us in healthy ways. There is a mutually beneficial balance of giving and receiving in soul mate relationships.


Innovative Uranus is Aquarius ruling planet. Uranus is in harmonious energy flow to the Sun and Moon.  Uranus is stimulating our intuition, optimism, generosity, and ingenuity. We can shift in a new direction given our new perspective.  Additionally, the cosmic message is our Spiritual Guides are on standby awaiting our instructions.  The call compels the answer. Ask for your guides to intercede in your life, challenges and situations. Heaven is awaiting your command!


Pay attention to life-changing messages and to the positive synchronicity these will confirm that we are on the right track.



Speaking of cosmic messages, Mercury the messenger sits next to the Sun and is the Star of the Aquarius Full Moon. Mercury is in a delightful energy flow with Uranus, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury’s meaning is for us to think with our heart (Leo Sun) and act on our intuition (Aquarius Moon).  When we do magic happens.


Mercury moves direct on August 8 giving us “green lights” ahead. This is our time to move forward with our plans, projects and relationships.



August starts off with an awesome Aquarius Full Moon. It is inspiring people who live from their hearts. Heart-centered living is the new lifestyle. This is how we do business in 5D: People first, then Gaia and then profit. We were destined to live creative, abundant and joyful lives with our soul mates. Our dawning Age of Aquarius are people who are living authentically, abundantly, and peacefully, while respecting the beliefs and rights of all people. This is world peace.


“Your awakening from the insanity of hate, disagreement, and war is inevitable. And that moment is drawing ever closer.  Focus on the Love and on the Light that so many are holding on high, release from their debts all on whom you have ever attempted to impose a sense of guilt – whatever the reason and however right it may seem to you – and forgive yourselves and all of humanity for the pain and suffering that all have endured.  The ages of suffering, of sin, of guilt, of condemnation, and punishment that you have endured for so long are to end, permanently.  There is a new age awaiting you, and as you enter into it your joy will be boundless.”

~Awakening, Jesus, John Smallman



I live in Denver Colorado. I am not far from where the movie theater shooting occurred.  My heart goes out to all those who have lost precious loved ones and were traumatized by this horrific event.  We need to pray for their healing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. We want to focus on the acts of bravery, heroism and courage that occurred by the great people of Aurora. For instance, the movie attendees, the police and medical support have magnanimously come together helping each other in a time of shocking disaster.

The best action we can take is to send positive Love/Light energy to all those who suffer here in Colorado and throughout our dear planet. We are all family. All Are One. The Love/Light Energy engulfing Gaia and her children is greater than all dark energy.


“The most positive assistance you can give is by keeping your focus on the Light and when many of you do it, it is a powerful force that minimizes the affect of the lower energies.”  ~ SaLuSa, Mike Quincy

Wherever the mind goes energy follows.

Stay out of fear. Fight your way out of negative thinking.  Focus on the good in each other, focus on the good in your life and you will be a beacon of light guiding others out of the darkness and into higher consciousness. Be the Awakened Individual, interdependent, emotionally intelligent and socially connected to their community.

Creating Heaven on Earth is everyone having their needs met and are a free people. We are free to follow our dreams, our passions and our happiest pursuits as Creator intended. This is where we are going. This is what the Aquarius Full Moon is showing. Keep believing!


“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going.  What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.”

~ Thomas Merton

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano



Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!


Aquarius Full Moon Mantras “I Am Innovative, Creative and Prosperous.”

  “I Am open to the New Opportunities that are Now in My life.”

 “Abundance comes to me easily, effortlessly and often.”

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Astrological Events  

Mercury Direct August 8, 2012

Leo New Moon August 17, 2012

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