Harvest Full Moon in Pisces Magic and Miracles The Pisces Full Moon on Sept 19 is a powerful portal for your spiritual growth. This is the Harvest Moon. We are harvesting what we have sown this year. Neptune is Pisces ruling planet. Neptune can take you beyond the boundaries of time space reality. Experience a breakthrough into higher consciousness by seeing the bigger picture of your life.  You are a great spiritual being having a human experience. Dream and envision the world as you would want it to be. See and feel world peace happening.  That is a world living in harmony and partnership.  


  • What do you dream about?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What gives you your purpose?


Saturn, Venus and the North Node are conjunct in Scorpio. Use your resources (time, energy and money) to build something valuable. Saturn builds slowly but with lasting success. This is the planet that delivers you to your dreams. Saturn wants you to analyze where you are on your life path destiny. Do a sober evaluation of your relationships, work and resources. Saturn is the great teacher and tester. What is working for you? If something is not working, this is the opportunity to let it go. Saturn will reveal the truth to you at the Pisces Full Moon. You have to be willing to see the truth and people as they truly are, not as you wish them to be. We need Saturn’s grounding and reality check.  Avoid spinning in negative thinking. This is a heavy energy that keeps you down. Take action. Action speaks louder than suffering.


“You don’t have to justify the good that flows to you; it is a given. You are of more value in the joy of your cross-stitching than in the struggle of your ironing.” –Abraham


The Pisces Moon is about faith, spirituality and intuition. You are being asked to dream, meditate and be creative. Sensitivity will be heightened. You may have to move away from loud noise, crowds and negative people. Be in nature as this will nurture you. Have compassion for yourself and others. Spiritual growth is real and real growth can feel painful. Intuitive and psychic muscles are being developed. You may experience psychic moments. Trust your intuition…your gut instincts. The ego (edges God out) mind can keep us in fear. Your Higher Self is never in fear.


  • Do you think about things that have no rhyme or reason?
  • Do you think about things that don’t matter?
  • Do you worry?
  • Do you have self-doubt?


This is the voice of your ego. Your ego creates unnecessary mental stress and headaches. The brain is fundamental to the nervous system and directly affects it. The less we stress the better we feel. Don’t we do better when we feel better? When you find yourself mentally exhausted or feeling frustrated do a clean slate with your mind.  Distract yourself. The human mind can only think about one thing at a time. It is healthier to think of nothing than to worry. This will give you energy. It creates balance and symmetry in your mind, body and spirit. A strong physical workout can exhaust the body and mind so that you rest and sleep better. This soothes your nervous system, your brain. Do what balances you. You are supporting your faith in God, yourself and your ascension. We can either come from love or fear. Choose love…it is our secret weapon. Love is more powerful than hate.

Powerful Pluto turns direct on Sept 20. Pluto is power and transformation. It asks you to own your power…to take responsibility for yourselves.  Evolve in the area of life where Pluto is traveling. This would be in your natal birth chart. Pluto is associated with obsession and regeneration. Power struggles often accompany Pluto transits.  The secret to your success is to let go. Accept the changes and/or losses and make plans for your future. Pluto only takes what is obsolete. What you need for our destiny Pluto will not take. Pluto and Saturn are making their final sextile.  We are to release the structures, limitations and behaviors; that we have out grown. Pluto is saying that it is time to take a giant step forward on our path.

The Sun enters sociable Libra on Sept 22. Happy Fall/Spring Equinox! Here is the perfect  balance of day/night. This is an excellent time to cleanse your mind, body and spirit.  If you want to detoxify this is a great time of year. You will feel stronger and clearer. This is an excellent time to do prayer, ritual and to set your intentions for the fall.

Mercury the messenger enters Scorpio on Sept 29. This will empower you to peel away the lies and illusions. You will see the truth. The truth will set you free. In this way, empowered decisions can be made. Welcome in the creative changes and opportunities emerging in your life. You can move from fear to freedom. This is a breakthrough.

The Pisces Full Moon is reminding you that assistance is available. One way or another the universe is conspiring to provide you with what you need. You may not win the lottery. However, you are getting a push in the right direction. The support you receive is to empower you on your life path destiny. Open yourself up to the magical forces of Pisces. Don’t be limited by the five senses or the “how’s”.  Instead, believe in yourself and live from a place of magic and miracles. Be generous. Give and receive when necessary. By sharing with others you attract what you need. Some people have a problem receiving both money and love. Love and money are the same energy.  Love is not earned. Love is received. Are you ready to receive your heart’s desires?


Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano


Harvest Full Moon in Pisces: Magic and Miracles

“Dreams provide gusto to your gait. Dreams bring energy to your efforts. Dreams open your heart to a higher existence. Dream on. It’s what gets you there.” –Ivo/Lisa Dorr


Happy Harvest Pisces Full Moon!

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces: Magic and Miracles

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