Aries Full Moon is a Dyanamic Lunar Eclipse

The Aries Full Moon on October 18 is a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are the most intense transit you can experience. Their effect can last between six months and two years. They herald major endings and beginnings in the area where they occur in your natal birth chart. This determines what is changing for you. Relationships, work, health and/or lifestyle could be an area of growth for you. Or it could be these areas are working out fine for you. It may be time to change up your routine and take better self-care. Aries wants to light your fire…to bring a fresh perspective to your life. Keep your life lively. Combine your dreams with your talents and watch what grows. It is time to live from your soul.

Aries is the first of the fire signs. It represents the birth of new life. New beginnings, inspiration, and Self-empowerment are the hallmarks of Aries. It teaches you to love yourself more than relying on a relationship. Before giving yourself to another, having a strong Self to offer is first and foremost. Aries teaches you to practice “healthy-selfishness.” Your Self-hood is cultivated and nourished in Aries. Wherever Aries lands in your natal birth chart is where you want to be spontaneous, passionate and original. The Aries eclipse could see you busy blazing new trails. “It is all about me!” sings and dances the Aries Full Moon.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the Libra sun is frustrated, “No Aries, it is about us!  What are we doing? Where are we going? Whom do you love, Aries?” The Sun in Libra wants to know, but the Aries Moon just can’t help belting out a few lines from his favorite song, ♫ “I’ve got to be me. I got to be me. What else can I be?  But what I AM.”♫ Libra desperately wants her Aries man to understand, has her own heartfelt melody. ♫ “It’s my karma and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry to if it happened to you.”♫ The Aries Moon and the Libra Sun are star crossed lovers at this lunar eclipse. Jupiter is not helping the Sun and Moon find a compromise.

Jupiter in Cancer is challenging both lights (Sun and Moon) at the eclipse. On the one hand, the Sun is in Libra. Libra wants balance. On the other hand, we have the passionate Aries Moon. Aries seeks autonomy. Relationship issues are at the core of this lunar eclipse. You’re being asked to create a balance between giving and receiving, between being close and having “me” time. This Full Moon may bring to your awareness where you are out of balance. Where have you been giving and/or doing too much and not receiving an equal or greater return? Do what supports your balance.

You may be empathic. Your emotions could feel big, over the top and urgent. You could feel a tension between your desire to be close to someone and your desire to be free. Make sure to give your loved ones the same freedom you want. Hold on lightly not tightly is the Aries eclipse message. Maintaining a light attachment to relationships, situations and outcomes proves wise.

The Aries eclipse compels you to take action. You may feel highly motivated and ready to blaze a new trail. Mars is Aries ruling planet. Mars is in Virgo. Mars is opposed by nebulous Neptune. This aspect creates confusion and delusion. You could be deceived. Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself? Making plans is difficult when there is a lack of clarity. Life seldom turns out as planned when Neptune is involved. You can’t see down the road that is laden in dense fog. Hang loose, don’t make any rash decisions. Go with the flow and be patient. Take your time with important matters.

The last Mercury Retrograde in 2013 occurs on October 21 — Nov 10. Communication can breakdown so sit tight. Don’t make any moves now if you can help it. Murphy’s Law is in effect. Go here and read how to navigate Mercury Rx. Mercury retrograde is a good time to review what is unfinished or incomplete. Go back over things and rework them. This is not the best time to start something new. How can you make decisions when you don’t have all the correct answers? Hang loose and let the dust settle before you make important moves. After November 12 will be a more fortuitous time to start a new job, get married, launch a new product and/or start a business. Take a moment to quiet the mind. A quiet mind allows you to feel you are a part of all that is. Acknowledge the oneness. You are never alone. All Are One.

The sun enters Scorpio on October 23. Scorpio rules emotional truth. It can empower you to cut through the lies and illusions. You can get to the source of the conflict. The Truth will set you free. Scorpio is the Eagle which soars higher. The Eagle is free. We are free when we practice the Law of Detachment.


Law of Detachment:

1) When it begins it (relationship, job and/or situation) is always right.

2) Who shows up is exactly who needs to be there.

3) What happens is the only thing that could have happened.

4) When it is done. It is done.


On October 29 Mercury will merge with Saturn in Scorpio. There could be an important message for you this day. Stop, look and listen. Something you need to know could be revealed.  You can read between the lines in Scorpio. Don’t just listen to what is being said. Listen for what is not being said. You want to avoid negative thinking.  This combination can have you seeing the glass half full. Narrow your focus on what truly matters. Release distractions. Make sure to create the “pause” in your day and week. It is important to create balance by pausing. This will restore and energize you. Be conscious. Be careful. Be cautious. Happy All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day!

The wheel of life is turning. The outcome may be unknown to you. You are building towards the Pluto/Uranus exact square. This event goes exact on November 1. You are progressing toward the Scorpio Solar eclipse on November 3. These events promise you more change and growth. Uranus and Pluto will reveal to you what you do not know. Uranus can bring you a rude awakening. Uranus comes out of left field and hits you on the head with the ball. You never saw the ball coming. Where will Uranus (which is lightning) strike next? This is hard to predict. Pluto rules death and rebirth. Eclipses can place you on a new life path.


  • What do you think is possible?
  • What will bring you fulfillment?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Where does courage dwell in you?


October is the month to be proactive and not reactive. Hold an attitude of gratitude. Throughout your day say “Thank You” to Creator and all whom you meet on your path. Embrace change. Be the change agent for your life. Change can feel painful at times. When you take the lead change will feel easier. Do what is right for you. What is working for you? What is working for you will become stronger. What is not working will break down.  Release the old, outworn structures that are not empowering you.

Mastering the Aries Lunar Eclipse requires us to be balanced in our male and female energies.  Male is not better than female. Female is not better than male. We need a balance of both male and female to be whole. The individual is as important as the whole. The sum is equal to its parts. Creating balance between individual and societal needs is a worthy goal. When people have their survival needs met an abundant world results. Our desire is for everyone to be happy and healthy. We are creating the New Earth together with our thoughts, words and deeds. The choices we make today determine our tomorrow.

Create from love not fear. Be open to the new and the unfamiliar. The Aries Lunar eclipse is pulling you towards greater self-expression and freedom. You may feel a strong need to stand up for yourself and speak your truth. This is awesome. Let us remember to give others plenty of room to be who they are and speak their truth. You are born again in the Aries cleansing fire. Let go of the false self. Embrace who you really are. Be heart-centered. Liberate your mind. This is real freedom. Work with your passion. Be engaged with the game of life. Keep your eye on the ball. The ball is you.


Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano


“Be grateful for where you are. Be open to what will come. You are divinely guided and supported, always.” ~ Ivo/Lisa Dorr


Happy Aries Lunar Eclipse!

Aries Full Moon is a Dynamic Lunar Eclipse

October/November Astrological Events

Aries Lunar Eclipse Oct 18.

Mercury Retrograde October 21 — Nov 10.

Sun enters Scorpio October 23.

Pluto square Uranus November 1

Scorpio Solar Eclipse November 3

Venus enters Capricorn November 5

Jupiter retrogrades November 7.

Mercury direct November 10.

Neptune direct November 13.

Venus square Uranus November 14.

Venus conjunct Pluto November 15.

Taurus Full Moon November 17

Chiron direct November 19.

Sun enters Sagittarius November 21

Sun squares Neptune November 24

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