Want to evolve yourself? Here is what to do.

Personal evolution is distinct from personal development. When you evolve, you alter. When you develop, you become more of who you are. Both are excellent approaches to a rich and fulfilling life, but they are different enough that a coach should know which is occurring with their clients.


1.   Surround yourself with new ideas instead if recycling your beliefs. Beliefs can limit your ability to    experience life as it unfolds.

2.   Seek out chaos whenever you can, The unexpected is necessary for survival in a rapidly changing world.

3.   Let your environments do most of your evolutionary work for you. Evolution occurs as you respond to the stimuli of such environments.

4.   Use tolerations to evolve how you operate Every single thing you are putting up with is an opportunity waiting to be leveraged.

5.   Constantly experiment until you do so naturally and effortlessly, You may need to alter your relationship with risk in order to enjoy experimentation.

6.   Spend more time in nature, Nature nourishes and calibrates our natural systems.

7.   become the host of a thriving network, Let your network evolve you as you invent clever ways to serve them.

8.   Continuously integrate all aspects of your life, Integration evolves you from being needlessly complicated to being richly complex.

9.   Invest in your virtual environments, not just your physical environments. Life is becoming more virtual.

10. Actively choose and design your sources of energy, You can then operate at a higher, more effective frequency.

11.   Become superconductive, Reduce the energy you consume by 90% by reducing your resistance to yourself, life and events.

12.   Master the evolving social media skills, Extend your intelligence by connecting with everyone and utilizing all aspects of the Internet.

13.   Surround yourself with people who are eagerly evolving, They spark you. You spark them. Evolution occurs naturally.

14.   Stop resisting, Assimilate event the first time they occur. Synchronicity doesn’t occur when you are fighting flow.

15.   Choose a goal or vision that is bigger than you are; Be pulled forward by it, instead of pushing yourself.

16.   Get over yourself in every possible way, Release the cultural, mimetic and ego binds that keep you who you have been.

17.   Get to know every element of who you are and how you operate, This process of discovery and integration process you with the awareness you need to handle whatever comes up in life, so that you don’t get waylaid by it.

18.   Take your gifts very, very seriously, And design your life to fully develop and express them. Gifts are the levers of evolution.

19.     Emotionally heal, completely, Healing maximizes your emotional IQ and increases the rate at which you learn.

20. Follow your whims, Whims are messages; develop the skill to read them.

21.   Make what you don’t know more interesting that what you do know, Enjoy learning more than teaching. —- Thomas Leonard