virgo new moonYou are taking care of business with the Virgo New Moon on August 25. This is a fresh start in your work, health and goals. Each individual has a unique soul purpose. Virgo rules your service in the world. It rules your work and health habits. Virgo is grounded and practical. These are essential qualities to reach your goals. In today’s climate it is not easy to make your dreams come true. In Leo, it was a time to think big. Dream big. Now in Virgo you are required to be focused on the details and realities of your big ideas.


• What gives you passion?
• What is your soul purpose?
• What is your service in the world?


The Virgo New Moon is in opposition to dreamy Neptune. Neptune represents your highest ideals. Neptune reveals your ideal work and ideal relationship. Neptune says if you can visualize it. You can create it. Neptune represents levels of God-consciousness that go beyond your human mind. That is why Neptune can be so confounding. Dreams feel real. Reality feels like a dream. Neptune reminds you that life is but a dream. Balance your need to dream with your duties. You want to find the middle ground in your daily responsibilities, with your need to dream and create.

Mars and Saturn are in exact conjunction on August 25 at the time of the Virgo New Moon. Mars and Saturn coupled are committed action. This is strong determination. Mars and Saturn can empower you to overcome all obstacles to reach your goals and dreams. The challenge is not to be caught up in frustration or irritating situations. There is an angry side to this energy. If you find yourself fueled by fury, step back and don’t react. Instead, focus on one task at a time. Concentrate your energy on tasks that are requiring. Take a brisk walk, lift weights use this energy to build muscle.

Venus is in romantic Leo. She is being challenged by both Saturn and Mars on Aug 26. This is a sobering situation. The need to evaluate your relationships both personal and professional is required. Love is not earned. Love is not deserved. Love is received. Love flows to you daily from Creator. You are loved. Love and money are the same energy. Love you unconditionally and this will make you lovable. You are here for the abundant life. Money is part of that abundance. Your wealth is in your health. The stronger you are the more you can focus on creating prosperity. Love is part of your abundance. Love you. Be kind with you.

The Sun opposes Neptune on August 29. You may find that your relationships are confusing. You may be unclear about your own needs. Neptune is casting spells. See people for who they are and not who you want them to be. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. If something seems too good to be true, it may be a fantasy. Take life with a grain of salt. This is not a good time to negotiate or make a contractual agreement. Hang loose. Make no judgments. Wait a few days until your clarity returns. Patience is rewarded.

The Virgo New Moon message is to try things until they work for you. Try is a magical word. People don’t like to do things they are not good at. This is human nature. Yet, if you have a big dream, you will want to try. You have to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Sometimes new things work and sometimes they do not. The Virgo part of you wants to be right. Self criticism kills creativity and expansion. You are a powerful creator. Don’t focus on lack or what is not working. Focus on what you have accomplished. Try new things. Make mistakes. Make many mistakes. You have to break eggs to make an omelet. The only way to find what works for you is through trial and error. There is a distinction between successful people and the unsuccessful. Successful people never give up. They never stop trying. Eventually you will figure it out. Be Ready. It is time to take action. Sweet September is a magical month. Be positive. Think big. Move forward. Be brave. Take chances. Try. Push the Launch Button.

COSMO-SkyMed 4 satellite launch, November 5, 2010

 “You cannot look at that which you do not want and not join and perpetuate that vibration. Take your attention from that which is not in harmony with who you are, and your “now vibration” will adjust to who you really are — and then you can uplift others” — Abraham


Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano


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September Astrology Forecast



Your ruling planet Mars soars into your sister sign Sagittarius on September 13. This has you inspired by your future. This is by your design. You will feel uplifted and inspired. This will empower you to ignore the distractions and/or annoyances in September. You are playing tennis all month. Like the ball, you are back and forth, up and down. Yet, your sudden opportunities in relationship and business success have you euphoric. Follow your bliss.



Romance is in the stars for you Taurus. Venus enters your area of true love and creativity on September 5. Saturn and Mars are in Scorpio making you ambitious. You see that your mountaintop is in sight. Yet, you have to keep pushing on. Moreover, people find you irresistibly attractive. You could be most popular. Enjoy the adoration. Patience is your virtue. Creator is testing you with creating balance between your professional ambitions and your personal needs.



You are ready to take charge of your life in September. You see what needs to be changed. You are determined for improvement in your work and personal life. This is your month to make things happen. Your ruling planet is moving fast through Libra and into Scorpio by the end of the month. Mercury the messenger will be in reverse in October 4-25. Take action now. Yet, allow for the manifestation of your dreams to unfold naturally in their own divine timing.



You may feel like you are being pushed and pulled in multiple directions simultaneously. You have the innate skill to change and adapt as needed. However, this push-pull energy is over the top challenging your ability to be grounded. Balance is the key. Step back and do not react. Do not get caught up in the negative news or other people’s drama. Your power is in how you love and nurture you. Create your own sacred space in your home or out in nature.



You are ready to get to work in September. You have a renewed faith in the universe and yourself. You are building towards a major achievement in your life. You can see the unlimited possibilities that await you. You have learned many lessons from your teacher Saturn. You are ready to apply what you have learned. Focus on what you love and value. Use your talents, gifts and abilities to create the life you truly desire. You have the power to make your dreams real.



Happy Birthday Virgo! Come out from backstage and step into the spotlight. You will hear the resounding applause. You deserve this recognition. The universe wants to reward you this month. Receive the adoration for who and what you are dear heart. You have worked diligently and patiently through your challenges. This is your moment of glory. Use this month to set your intention for what you want to create in your solar year ahead. Make this your best year ever, filled with love, beauty, success, abundance and tons of laughter! Receive your rewards.



You are in your six-week cycle leading up to your birthday. Your birthday is the most sacred day of your year. This is the start of your new solar energy. Use September to stand strong. Do not fall back into old patterns of people pleasing at the expense of what you need. You have worked incredibly hard this year. You have made great gains in your life. Be aware of how you get in your own way by ignoring your inner voice. Trust your instincts. Do what empowers you.



Scorpio in September you are ready to show Saturn the door. Your acute sense of duties and responsibilities can feel overwhelming and constraining. You may find yourself forgetting what you have promised. It is okay to take time for yourself. Instead of falling short of your expectations, why not take a vacation. You cannot always be on deck and in the fray. It is fine to go below to rest and recharge your energy. This will give you a renewed sense of Self and life.



Your ruling planet Jupiter is working overtime for you. Jupiter makes a harmonious energy flow with Uranus form September 23—October 4. This is opening up brilliant possibilities for you. The tendency will be to satisfy your ego. Still you do not want to miss this royal opportunity. Weigh the pros and cons of your choices. Base your decisions on what holds long-term viability for you. Where do you want to be in six months? What choices will support your future?



You are feeling intensely passionate about your career ambitions. The beautiful Libra New Moon on September 23-24 is giving you a fresh start in your profession. Your unique accomplishments in the world will be recognized. What may surprise you is that it is not about your effort or your strong work ethic that is opening doors for you. Your passion for work and life is your most attractive asset in September. Rise from the ashes of the past today is a new day.



You have this weird indifference competing with your overactive imagination. Because of this, you may feel irritated in September. Yes, such a dichotomy is the normal state of affairs for you. Yet, the pieces of the puzzle are there for you. Try to see the bigger picture especially if you are feeling annoyed. Your energy will shift in the last week of the month. Uranus and Jupiter are offering you insight and understanding into yourself and your relationships.



You have an awesome Full Moon on September 8. This is opening doors for you. New faces and new places are in the offering. You will be successful in every way you reach out to new people and new opportunities. Watch out for those people who are draining your time and energy. Go where the love is. Don’t squander your energy on those who are familiar but exhausting. You can only meet people half. You need to receive as much as you give in your relationships.

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Drawing on years of experience, the author traces a path toward true love by revealing:

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Love & The Law of Attraction will provide the tools you need to walk through life filled with love, devotion and possibility. Knowing that the powerful Law of Attraction is always at work, this book will help guide your intentions toward what you truly desire.

Chapter 1: Your First Love
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Chapter 3: Letting Go of the Past
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Chapter 5: Manifesting Soul Mate Relationships
Chapter 6: is Your Partner is a True Love Relationship?
Chapter 7: Transitioning Out of an Unhealthy Relationship
Chapter 8: Re-Awakening Existing Love
Chapter 9: Additional Exercises




Opening Your Creative Pathways

The Law of Attraction and the creative power of intention have been covered at length by many authors over the years. I imagine if you’ve picked up this book you are already a powerful co-creator in your life or possess the desire to awaken the energy that will allow you to manifest your dreams.

The intention for this book is to provide focused exercises that will light your life with love. Utilizing the affirmations contained in the pages of this book will promote a way of living with passion and spiritual connection to the world around you.

I encourage you to focus your energy on the chapters that pertain to your story. This book is not designed to be read in sequence but rather to serve as a workbook for finding the love you dream to discover. You are to journal your development and come back to the exercises as your intention evolves and begins to manifest.

Know that Spirit does not wish for you to be alone. Spirit wants you to be joyful – the indicator of an individual tapped into the energy that creates worlds.


What is a Soul Mate?

Your soul mate is at the center of your spiritual family. This individual is a soul of light whom you feel a compatible energy for and with whom you intuit an enigmatic connection. Soul mates share an inner soul knowing, a soul recognition, and déjà vu, such as the feeling of meeting a long lost friend. A person can be enveloped in a joyful homecoming in the presence of their soul mate. You have the feeling of an effortless companion who will accept you unconditionally.

Soul mate relationships are powerful forces of love that can dissolve anger, hate, prejudice, and pride – replacing negative emotion with love, peace and unity. The tremendous power of a soul mate’s true love is not only transformative. This love has the ability to end war and bring harmony on a global scale. This is why Spirit is uniting Soul Mates. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Soul Mate Love. This is True Love.

All unions are essential for our soul evolution. No relationship is a mistake. Our relationships serve as opportunities for learning, acceleration on our life path, JOY and mutual growth. Soul mates come together when we have reached a higher level of self-acceptance, interdependence and wholeness. You must be the Soul Mate to you first, in order to attract your True Love.

We were all born with an innate knowing that somewhere out there is someone who knows our soul like none other. S/he will love you unconditionally, a true love that will champion your dreams and accepts your imperfections. Whether you meet your soul mate early in life, or have spent many years on a single path. Know that you possess the power to manifest this person at exactly the right time. Timing is everything! This is why it is important to know your personal astrology. Your astrology will reveal when you are most likely to meet your True Love.


Chapter 1: Your First Love

The process of allowing your soul mate to enter your life begins with you. The unique love you give to yourself. Focusing on your limitations, imperfections and the wrongdoings of the past, hold your soul away from allowing the love you deserve to enter your life.
Remember, the law of attraction is always working. You will find evidence of your thoughts all around you. If you want to manifest the person of your dreams, you must first tell a blissful story about where your life is headed.

It would be a lie to say that after you have worked through this stage of personal development you will love everything about yourself. We all have small quirks that we wish we could change, and often find the things we loathe about ourselves mirrored in our lovers. Know that the path to self-acceptance requires a period spent building a solid connection to your Inner Being and Source.

The road away from loneliness and unhealthy relationships begins when we merge our Soul with our Higher Self. This is a personal sacred relationship between Self and Source. This holy union is nurtured in your alone time. Your independence of others and time free from external influences are required. In other words, when you fall in love with Source your Soul Self flourishes.

As a result, your Soul awakens bringing outrageous abundance, peace, joy and love into your life. Only people who have become who they really are will be ready for their soul mate. Soul mates are interdependent; two individuals united in purpose and bound by heart-centered love. Soul mate relationships occur by pre-life soul agreements.

Can I be in an Unhealthy Relationship with My Soul Mate?

If you do not love and take care of yourself, then all the good works you do in the world, are for what real purpose? If you or a partner demonstrates toxic behavior this is not authentic love or anything close to a soul mate partnership. Also, ignoring your problems only keeps them smoldering beneath the surface until one day they blow up.

Allowing abusive behavior under the disguise of a soul mate relationship can lead to years of suffering. Playing the victim only perpetuates and attracts more negativity and draws abuse your way. If you are in direct violation with your own integrity, the mind and body will weaken. Leaving you unable to hide from the powerful negative energy you attract your way. What is the answer to this dilemma you may ask?

Love, love and love yourself. Practice extreme Self-care daily. If you need a time out from work, take it! If you need to set boundaries with others, do not delay. If you need assistance in getting strong and out of a bad situation, seek help from your loved ones today. Pull up your power from deep inside you.


                                   Birthday Report (Solar Return Chart Reading)

Happy Virgo New Moon!


August/September Astrological Events
Sun enters Virgo August 23
Virgo New Moon August 25
Mars conjunct Saturn August 25
Venus square Saturn August 26
Sun oppose Neptune August 29

Mercury Enters Libra September 2

Sun trine Pluto September 3

Venus enters Virgo September 5

Pisces Full Moon September 8

Venus opposes Neptune September 10

Mars enters Sagittarius September 13

Mars square Neptune September 21

Pluto is direct September 22

Sun enters Libra September 22

Fall/Spring Equinox September 22

Libra New Moon September 23-24

Jupiter trine Uranus September 25

Mercury enters Scorpio September 27

Venus enters Libra September 29


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