Mars enters Leo on July 20. The Sun enters Leo on July 22. The Leo New Moon is on July 23. There are two New Moons in Leo. This one and the total Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21. Leo rules the heart, creativity and boldness. You are to connect with your heart and soul. Your authentic self. Be who you truly are. Be true to you and other people. Do what makes you laugh. Do what makes you feel light. Do things that make you happy. Play. Find new ways of expressing yourself. Mars is energizing this New Moon. This is divine timing for starting something new. How about a new hobby. A fun project that makes your heart sing. A new business initiative. Change your lifestyle to reflect the real you. Mars rules entrepreneurs. This is a great energy to think of new ways to make money. You are planting the seeds for the spectacular Leo Solar Eclipse. What does your heart want? What gives you JOY? How are you using your creativity? Be Bold. Be brave. Live from your heart and laugh a lot!

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Happy  Leo New Moon!

July/August Astrological Events

Mars enters Leo July 20

Sun square Uranus July 20

Sun enters Leo July 22

Leo New Moon July 23

Mercury enters Virgo July 25

Sun conjunct Mars July 26

Venus enters Cancer July 25

Uranus retrograde August 3

Jupiter square Pluto August 4

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse August 7 @ 28 * Aries

Mercury Retrograde August 12 —Sept. 5

Mercury moves from 11* Virgo – 28* Leo

Sun trine Saturn August 13

Leo New Moon total Eclipse August 21

Sun trine Uranus August 21

Sun enters Virgo August 22

Saturn moves direct August 25 @ 21* Leo

Venus enters Leo August 26

Mercury re-enters Leo August 31

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