Kelley Rosano Academy, Money How you do your money, is how you do your life. The truth is the Universe wants you to be abundant. The more abundant you are the better your life. The more prosperous you are the more you can help others and help the planet. How would you describe your relationship with money? Is it a good relationship? Is it a painful relationship?  Money problems are psychological problems. Money problems are emotional problems. That is why money is such a hot-button topic. You have behavioral patterns with your money. Deeply ingrained patterns that you carried over from past lives many can be unconscious. The good news is you can heal your money blocks.

There are no silver bullets to solving your money problems. Just like there are no get rich quick schemes that work. There are no overnight solutions to your money blocks. You need to do the inner work required to shift and evolve your relationship with money. This requires time and effort to master.  Having a conscious awareness of your money blocks helps to change them. Give up magical thinking that getting cash is the answer. Winning the lottery, inheriting money and marrying for money will not heal your money issues.

Every day you hear news about famous celebrities who have made millions of dollars and are now broke. Having more money does not heal your self-limiting beliefs about money.  How you feel about your money, is how you feel about yourself.

Here are some questions to consider:

Do you believe that money is hard to make?

Do you get anxious when you think about your money, fight or flight?

Are you worried about paying your bills?

Do you like to shop to feel better?

Does spending money increase your self-esteem?

Do you always pick up the check with family or friends?

Do you hoard your money?

Are you an emotional hoarder?

Do you believe that money is antispirituality?

Do you believe that business antispirituality?

Do you procrastinate when it comes to your money?

For instance:

  • Starting your dream project.
  • Starting your own business
  • Investing in yourself so that you can grow your yourself
  • Investing so that you can grow your business
  • Investing in your skills to get a better job
  • Playing the victim
  • Scared to make a career change
  • Scared to ask for a promotion.

There can be so many subtle fears and anxieties around your money. The good news is when you take full responsibility for your financial foundation. You can make positive changes that build wealth. Putting in the time and energy to learn what works for you. You can shift beyond self-limiting beliefs. You can heal your money blocks. You can completely change your relationship with money. So that you have an abundance mindset and invest strategically.

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