WDevelop Your Talent and Grow Your Soule all have talent that is a part of us, some stronger than others. What if I told you that with enough desire, you can develop any talent you’d like? Talents can, in fact, be learned, cultivated and applied in life to help you succeed. If you have enough desire inside to develop a certain talent, then you have the power within you to make it happen. Check out these Q&As about talent to help you find yours. Develop it and use it to create your own version of success.

What makes talent?

Talent is made up of 98% hard work and 2% inspiration. It’s not a cake walk to develop a talent.  And use it to make money. You need to be REALLY GOOD at what you do. And if the desire isn’t there to put in the work. Then it’s just not going to happen. The talents you develop should be all about the things you desire. What is your heart’s desire?

What’s the best way to develop our talents?

The best way to develop your talent is by consuming as much as you can. Spend each day researching and studying your gift. In this way, you will become the best at it. You develop the best ability that you can achieve. You also want to look to your heroes for inspiration. Do not be afraid to mimic what they do. But with your own voice. Be authentic. Whatever you do, never allow excuses to get in the way of what you are creating. It is up to YOU to make it happen. For instance, I studied YouTube for a year before launching my channel in 2012. I watched astrologers, readers, coaches. I studied them like a hawk. What I noticed was that no one was really offering a full reading to YouTubers.  I thought, what would happen If I offered a general but full reading to each sign? My intuition was right. People were hungry for more monthly insight and guidance with their astrology. Being authentic is key. People will follow you if they feel your authenticity and quality. Always deliver the best of you. Find your voice and use it.

How do we apply our talents?

Determine how your talent can be a business. Begin making money from it. Research different types of businesses related to your talent. See what makes sense for you. With today’s technology, you can run a business out of your home without having to pay for office space. Use the digital world to promote your business. And always continue consuming and learning. And growing your talent. You want to grow fast and work smart. The good news is you will be promoted through your own talent. The internet has leveled the playing field. It is not who you know anymore. It is who knows you. Be the best at what you do and people will follow you. People will seek you out. Living from your passion and purpose is way more fun


Celebrate the work and the effort,