As you move forward in your career and or business it is likely that you will hear more and more about the importance of personal branding. If this is something you haven’t thought about or started, now is the time. You are your personal brand. This is true including if your work for a company or organization. You are the brand. What do you stand for? What is your public image? How do others perceive you? The way you shape this will determine your business’ success. Here are three tips to help you start building your personal brand:

1. Figure out the voice and tone of your personal brand.

Decide what you want your personal brand to be. Explore adjectives that best align with you and the way you want to portray yourself. Are you edgy or humorous? Will you use slang and a more conversational tone? Or will you use more formal, complete sentences? Ask yourself these questions to help you determine your personality features that will reflect in your brand. Be authentic. Be the real you. This is attractive and will draw people to you. The right people will want to work with you.

2. Create an online platform for your personal brand.

You need a way to show the world who you are. Build an online platform where people can easily find out about you and what you do. This can include a website with a blog and social media accounts that you maintain. Stick with the voice and tone of your personal brand, and be sure to remain consistent across all platforms. The good news is a website is not expensive. You do not need to spend a lot of money. It is more about putting in the time that is needed. This will develop your brand.

3. Start sharing your expertise.

Now that you’ve decided who you are and have a platform to display it. Do not be shy. Start sharing your knowledge with the world! Believe that the world is waiting to hear from you. You have a story to tell. You have knowledge and expertise that only you can provide. Share your videos and blogs posts.  Keep it focused on your expertise. This will attract an interested audience. This will help prove that you’re an expert in certain areas. This will also help you gain exposure. Talk about your passion. Keep sharing to demonstrate to your audience that you are a dedicated authority. You know that which you speak about.

It’s no secret that creating and maintaining your personal brand takes plenty of time and effort.  But, there is also no doubt that it’s worth it. The hard work you put into to developing your brand will pay off for you. Think about it this way. If a client can’t easily find who you are and what you stand for. Why would they hire you? Figure out your style and be your consistent self. Your personal brand and uniqueness are what will attract the jobs and clients you desire. Don’t wait another day. Figure out your personal brand now and hustle, hustle, hustle! You will grow fast and work smart.