Many people, women, in particular, put their needs second to the needs of others. This is largely due to our natural maternal instincts whether or not we have children. We’re typically more emotional when it comes to our relationships with friends and family. We dote on our pets. And sometimes we practically smother our children. This is often referred to as helicopter parenting.  It’s also due to gender roles that were established thousands of years ago. Women cared for others and ran the household. With others’ needs above their own and still do. This can make you feel batshit crazy. Always striving to meet the needs of others with your needs coming in at a close second or third. 

The love you give is wonderful. Yay you, for having a big heart.

The world needs big-hearted people. But you want to remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Loving and nurturing yourself is just as important as the love you give to others. I think this is what Venus retrograde is trying to teach us right now. Step back and meet your own needs first. Love and nurture you. Treat you as the precious soul you truly are. We need you bright and shiny. Shinning your light into the world. So that others can find their way. What would you do if you were Needless?

What you offer the world as your authentic self is how you step into your spiritual power. This is true whether you are an artist, chef or writer. Maybe you’re a creator or a builder. This includes accountants or anything else you can imagine. You’re here to do something only you can do. When you follow your dreams and live with joy, you have way more to give. That’s good news. 

The greatest gift you can contribute to the world is your true gift of self.

But in order to nurture your dreams and goals. You want to set proper boundaries. By putting yourself second to the needs or wants of others.  You do a huge disservice to yourself as well as everyone else. This truly is the cart before the horse. How can you fully love and nurture others? When you ignore your own truths and push our own needs aside? This is a neglect of your own spiritual growth. The whole reason you were born was to expand and grow. You’re not here to shrink or hide. You’re not a human trying to have a spiritual experience. You’re in truth a great spiritual being having a human experience. Let’s say it loud and proud. You’re Great! 

In the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Any time you start a sentence with the words ‘I am,’ you are creating what you are and what you want to be.” This is why it’s crucial for you to follow your heart.  Speak your truth. And listen to your gut. Your instincts and your heart’s desires are speaking to you all the time. Guiding you to be the most loving, giving, happiest version of your true being.

When you own who you are, unapologetically. following your spirit’s inner guiding voice. You step into your true power. And that’s when the real magic happens. 


with enormous love,




It is possible to have all of your needs permanently met? Now, that might make your life just a bit too effortless, but we hear that people find some rewarding ways to fill the time that is freed up when you are not chasing your needs.

Here is the link to the Needless Program.  Enjoy!

Plus, here is the link to the Needs List. This can help you get clear with what needs to work on.