Too often, people believe life is just something that happens to them. They believe they have no control over their destiny or circumstances. For centuries, free will and fate have been debated but they go hand in hand. You have the free will to live how you want to live. And think how you want to think. This leads to fate or the rewards or consequences of your thoughts and actions.

The circumstances you have now or are born into, don’t define your future circumstances unless you let them.  However, this is where your personal astrology can come into play. It predicts the periods in your life that are great for making big decisions and up-leveling – like the right time to buy a home or start a new business. It can also help you anticipate when you may face more obstacles than usual, like when you should hold off on taking out a mortgage loan because of an upcoming retrograde. Based on these influences, you know what your strengths and weaknesses are.  And you can be better prepared for the times when you might face more of a struggle.

Say, for example, you want to open a gift shop. You dream about what you’d sell, how your store would look, and where it would be located. You then make a practical game plan to open your gift shop. You set yourself small goals to work towards step-by-step. You’re guaranteed to achieve everything you want if you’re diligent and dedicated! Eventually, your daydreaming and the inspired action you’ve taken leads you to own your own sweet little shop. Yay, you!

Was that free will or fate? It was both! Your free will leads you to turn your dreams into reality by taking action. Your positive thoughts and feelings about your gift shop inspire you to do things that would help you accomplish owning one. By taking action and sticking to it.  it’s destiny for your shop to come to fruition! Your positive thinking and tenacious planning will all pay off. It’s always this way no matter what you’re trying to manifest in your life.

For the sake of argument, let’s say something went wrong and you can’t open a gift shop as you planned. Is that a sign you’re not destined to open a store? Or, you’re not good enough or deserving of it? Should you give up? Absolutely not! Challenges are a sign that there’s a lesson to be learned or perfect timing at work. If you remain positive and dedicated to achieving something. Then you will. Your energy will align you with your goal. There is absolutely nothing in the universe you can’t have or do! There are simply times when it may be easier or faster for you to achieve based on your astrology.

I can share with you from my personal experience. I never wait for perfect astrology. I started my business in 1995 with challenging personal astrology. The two heavyweights of the zodiac (Saturn and Pluto) were transforming every aspect of my life. I felt why not use it to build a new life and biz. And, I am really glad I did because now I am building my Wealthy Biz Goddess Master Class which I love. This course will help a lot of people so that they can build a biz to love and make their dreams come true. You want to know your astrology because knowledge is power. But you don’t ever want to use it as an excuse not to take action. Never forget how powerful your mind is, and that it’s responsible for shaping your destiny. If you believe life is hard and money is hard to make, then that will be true for you. The way you think and how you feel emits an energetic vibration, attracting similar vibrations, or circumstances, to you.

If you’re open to believing you can achieve anything in your life regardless of challenging circumstances, then you can. Nothing will stop you from bettering yourself and your situation. When you decide that you won’t settle for less than the best. Your energy vibrates confidence, and you call more of that into your life. This positive energy will motivate and inspire you to do anything and everything to change your circumstances. Your heart will be open to new possibilities and see everything as a lesson to learn and grow from. See yourself as having everything you want. Believe you can have all the prosperity and abundance you want because you can. The universe is waiting to give it to you. By thought, you create it. By action, you receive it.

The universe never says no. Any chaos or obstacles in your life are signs that divine timing is at work. All you need to do is relax. Take small steps every day toward your goal. Let the universe go to work, and remember that your success is literally written in the stars. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and an awesome Happy New Year! Tons of magical blessings sent your way! 

with enormous love,