How would you behave today and what would you do differently if you felt like you were living your best life? What if you had accomplished everything you ever wanted? You would probably feel confident and radiant. Like anything is possible…but it is and always has been. You ARE living your best life as long as you believe that you are.

Living your best life is a belief. It’s the confidence you have knowing that every day you are blessed beyond measure. And that you’re doing the best you can with what you have. There are some days that I don’t feel like this is my best life. I feel like at this place, it’s more about not so much about a bad day. But more about bad hours in my day. That when problems find me that can rattle my cage and take me off balance. Ugh!  Once I settle down and grab a hold of my brain. I start focusing on what the challenge is teaching me. I’m a firm believer in karma. And that my past deeds are always showing up for me to grow from.

When you strive to live with APPRECIATION and joy every day.  The blessings follow and they snowball fast. If you have $10 in your pocket right now, you’re already richer than over 80% of the world.

There’s a quote by Tony Robbins that really resonates with me; “Live as though your prayers have already been answered.” It inspires me to live each day as though my success is inevitable because it is! I never waste time thinking of the things that could go wrong. And I don’t let a busy schedule completely stress me out. I never even have a Plan B. It’s because I know that everything is always working out in my favor. I know that I’m meant to do what I’m doing. Because I follow my intuition and listen to my spirit. I don’t live with the fear of any kind. Because I know that I’m always being divinely guided.

Even the things that can be stressful, like a schedule packed back to back with meetings, for example, are a huge blessing. Because it means I’m earning my living. Life is good. Life is abundant. My life and my business are busy and that’s a wonderful “problem” to have.

When you reframe your thinking, you’re literally setting yourself up for INEVITABLE success. Focus on who you want to be. What you consider being the best version of yourself. And the path to your success becomes obvious. You’ll stop worrying and living in fear. Because you’ll know you are always divinely guided.

If things go wrong, they’re not going wrong because you’re doing something wrong. And it’s not a sign, you’re not meant to do something. I believe things get difficult sometimes because it’s the universe’s way of rearranging your path to BETTER serve you. You can’t redirect your path without a little bit of upset. Because it contradicts your current situation and circumstances. However, your problems are only problems if you see them that way.  Find the silver lining of tough situations. And you’ll always be blessed. The more you do this, the less stress and worry you’ll have. Thinking positively AND finding the blessing in the chaos will become second nature to you. This is how you live your best life.

Act, think, and believe as if all you want to achieve and have is already yours. Know your success in whatever you do is inevitable. You are always being spiritually guided to live your best life. Believe you are even when things are a little difficult because you are! An awesome tool I use is my Just For Women Report (sorry fellas). This one is for the ladies. This astrology report is packed with insightful information about your psychology, and the way you see life.

Such as using the power of your mind to live your best life. Your Special Edge, meeting the world on Your Terms. It dives deep into your Power Issues. Such as sex, your money, and control. And so much more… including Embracing Your Divine Self. It’s between 30-40 pages about YOU! Knowledge is power. The more you understand yourself, the less you will struggle. This report can help you LIVE your best life.

Look for new opportunities. Step outside of your comfort zone. Do the thing you know is good for you and your business. But haven’t done yet because you’re afraid you might fail. You won’t! And if things don’t work out how you intended. KNOW it’s because there is something even better meant for you. And it’s already yours! Believe in yourself, trust the universe’s plan and your intuition. And the first three years of any business is always the hardest. Things don’t move as fast as you want them. And you don’t make as much money as you thought you would. The secret to success is to never give up and to keep going. 

Your mind is so powerful. Use it wisely because unfortunately, everyone else (society, culture, those you spend the most time with) will use it FOR you. Don’t become a product of your environment. Instead, become a product of your biggest vision! ⠀⠀

Claim your success! Own it. It’s inevitable. You’ll know in your heart that you’re always on the right path!

with enormous love,