Your life force energy is everything. And everything is energy. It’s important to VALUE your life force energy. Because you CREATE the life you truly desire from your life force energy. You build abundance from your life force energy. You grow your biz or career from your life force energy. Your life force energy is MORE VALUABLE to you than money. I know that since I was a little kid, I learned that money ruled the world. When you have it flowing to you, life is good. When you don’t have money, life is a struggle. What messages did you learn about money growing up? Where did you get them from? Parents, teachers, ads, or…? Think of an early memory about money and how it affects you now.

One of the most helpful works that I have ever done in my life is to UPGRADE my Money Mindset. That is, change my beliefs about money. Today I see money in a more objective way. Money is a tool. It’s a vehicle for you to be more, do more, have more, and give more. Let me ask you this, Describe your relationship with money in five words or less. Why those words?

For me, money is FREEDOM, independence, liberation, choice, and power. Money attracts opportunities and gives you options. It allows you to say YES to anything you want without hesitation. By seeing money in this way, you attract more of it into your life. You can’t help but stop playing small when you let go of your scarcity mindset.

What I mean by this is that some people get hung up thinking that wanting more money is greedy. Or that it makes them “evil.” They let old money stories from their childhood, for example, “We can’t afford that.” Or “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” dictate their financial success. Another false belief we have been taught is that “making money is hard work.” Well, who wants to kill themselves working hard? I don’t. So, people may shy away from making money because they believe it’s too hard.  That’s why you want to examine your beliefs around money. So that you can align with the prosperity that the universe is waiting to give to you. Creator wants you abundant. Because it is a win/win. The more you have the more you can give in the world.

Here is another false belief that can hold up your prosperity. Limiting yourself based on how other people or society thinks you should live. For instance, how much money you should have. Money is not evil. It doesn’t make someone evil. Money is currency.  Putting limitations on yourself, and your money traps you in an endless cycle of never having enough. Or being able to break through your income cap. This causes more stress and anxiety around money which creates more lack. The TRUTH is money is energy.

Money is like water—it flows, and as it flows, it nourishes life. We feel happy when it flows our way, distressed when it does not.

Money can amplify your best qualities. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting more of it.  It’s actually very spiritual. Because your spirit lives in the material world. You live for the body. You live for the mind. You live for the soul. One is not better than the other, all are needed for your wholeness and success. You can be spiritual and rich. As easily as you can be spiritual and poor. In the past, this was a big money block for me to learn as I have shared with you. There was a time where I was only living for the spiritual and my material life paid the price. In truth, the more money you have, the more you can help others. It defines the meaning and purpose of your life. The universe/spirit/God wants you to be HAPPY and abundant. And to share your love and abundance. Like everything, money is energy which flows freely, cycles and recycles.  Do your mission work and the money will follow. The money follows the mission. 

How much you want to earn is up to you. And you need never feel guilty for wanting more or for trading your gifts for money. What you trade in time is up to you. You decide what amount of money is worth your time or effort. Life force energy is all you have. So, it’s important to set boundaries and honor your limits. For you to easily enjoy the money you’re making. If you’re miserable in the way you earn it. Or you’re stretching yourself so thin that you don’t even have time to enjoy it. That isn’t what the universe wants for you. DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO BE DOING IS LIFE.  You’re going to be the most successful doing work that you want to be doing. It’s the path to happiness. And it’s worth the effort to find out what it is you want to be doing. 

To be truly FINANCIALLY EMPOWERED, you want to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your money, and your Money Mindset. Think of it this way. If you’ve never bought a house before, would you take advice about buying one from someone who’s never been a homeowner? The same rings true for successful, wealthy people. Think of all the successful millionaires and billionaires in the world. Do they let other people take up their time? Or question their worthiness for being wealthy? And worry about the opinions of other people regarding their priorities or business? And let others dictate how they run their business? Absolutely No!  They’re leaders. They follow their own path. And go their own way. Because wealthy people know that no one else is trading their life force energy for money. The same goes for you. No one else is trading your life force energy for your prosperity. So why would you let old money stories or other people’s opinions keep you thinking small? And hold back your abundance. The Money Report can help you understand your money psychology. And where your best opportunities are for building wealth from your natal birth chart.

You get to decide your WORTH in this life. You don’t have to work harder to make more money.  You want to work smarter. Trust your intuition about your REAL needs and the needs of your business. It’s about progress, not perfection. Don’t let a bump in the road derail your progress. You and your business don’t have to be perfect before you can earn like someone in the big leagues. We all start small and GROW.

And what’s more valuable than money? Your life force energy. Because YOUR life force energy is what you use to build your prosperity. You don’t necessarily create prosperity from money. Your life force energy is more REAL in actual experience than money. Life force energy is all you have and more precious. It defines the meaning and purpose of your life. And it’s given to you from Creator. And so is your abundance. Do what you want to do. Be true to your mission (life purpose) and the money will follow. 

with enormous love,