I recently spoke to my dear followers and students about the importance of being impeccable with your word and always speaking with integrity. It’s important to only to say what you mean and mean what you say. You want to use the power of your words in the direction of TRUTH and LOVE. This includes in your own direction. I was recently told by my coach that my mission is to teach people how to love themselves properly. You can say that you love yourself, but when you neglect your self-care – that is work too hard and don’t get enough rest, or if you tolerate another’s disrespectful behavior – that is not proper self-love.

Everything you say has a vibration and a ripple effect. It’s made more significant by the energy and emotion you put behind it. You may have heard of the “I Am” principle. 

Every time you use the words “I Am.” you’re quoting the name of God. This is your Highest Self. Every time you say, “I Am,” you are creating your life and yourself.

You are truly extraordinary and capable of creating anything you want in your life. 

I often get asked questions about what can be manifested: 

“Can I manifest my soulmate?” 

“Can I manifest a new car?”

“Can I manifest a better job with double the income?” 

The answer is always, “Yes!” Yes, to everything! 

It does require that you are ready for what you ask for. That you are in vibrational alignment with it. And, you always want to say what you want aloud and as if you already have it.

“Thank you, universe, for the soulmate now in my life.”

“Thank you, universe, for my beautiful new car.” 

“Thank you, universe, for doubling my income.” 

See where I am going with this? When you say it this way, you are letting the universe know that you ready to receive what your heart desires. You’re always co-creating with the universe and manifesting your thoughts and beliefs into reality. This is why you want to be purposeful and intentional.

“Purpose and intention can be the foundation of satisfaction. When you choose the way to go and then get there.
Surely be proud of what you have accomplished.” –Ivo, Lisa Dorr

This can cause some people a lot of anxiety. They think that if they stop being positive for a minute or have a bad day, that they’ll start manifesting bad or difficult situations and circumstances into their lives. The universe doesn’t work like that. Merely having a negative thought won’t bring negative circumstances. It’s when you believe in those negative thoughts and put energy behind them, that those negative circumstances can manifest. If you have a negative thought and start to feel bad, choose a new thought. Take a walk. Distract yourself with something else. Don’t feed the beast.

Your subconscious mind creates from your inner beliefs. It works like a Genie in the bottle. Your wish is my command! Your subconscious mind believes what you program into it. That’s why mantras work. But, it’s not enough to say positive things. You have to follow through with action. You can do this by being kind to yourself.

Simply saying you believe something won’t make it manifest. Unless you genuinely have faith, that you deserve it and expect it with excitement and gratitude. When you program your conscious mind to be in a place of love. “I Am Love.” You’ll manifest love. You’ll attract love to you. And this empowers you to spread your LIGHT and warmth to others. This starts with loving you.  

You know the old saying, as you sew, sew shall you reap. That’s the law of attraction! 

It can be hard to wrap your mind around accumulating massive wealth or having the freedom to do the things you want.  Because you have yet to reach that level in your financial life.  

Back with your Genie in the bottle. You can program your subconscious mind to accept your new truths. This is where “I Am” affirmations can come in handy. Once you say a statement often. Your subconscious mind goes to work. It will accept them as truth. And your manifestations will begin to arrive quickly and with ease. This also works great to say what you desire right before you go to sleep. This way you can sleep on it and let your subconscious do the work. When you awake, write down what comes to mind. Think positive thoughts about what you want. Speak with purpose. And speak with clarity to ensure that your life is always filled with joy and love. 

While brief negative thoughts won’t instantly manifest bad things into your life, you want to avoid speaking against yourself.  It’s normal to have a bad day. And, it’s totally okay to feel those emotions when they do come up. But try not to linger on them. Love you more.

And this holds true for what you say about others too. You’re actually saying and wishing for yourself. The reason is that your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between you speaking about yourself or someone else. It takes everything in as truth about YOU. This is why there is no such thing as No. In an attraction-based universe where we live. Because everything means YES come to me.

This is why gratitude and forgiveness practices are significant. It’s not so much that you must forgive someone who has hurt you, but that you forgive another for your own peace of mind. It’s not to let your guard down. You forgive yourself for having to go through the painful experience. This way you will let go of the negative emotions that difficult situations create because they can lower your vibration and block your abundance. And abundance is your birthright. Thank you, universe, for the abundance that is mine. 

You are always creating with the universe. To use your gifts and share your light is to create consciously with God. It is your spiritual power. You were put on this planet for this! There is literally nothing you can’t have, do, or be. And you want to be intentional. 

This is why I started the Kelley Rosano Academy. I believe so much in the power of the Law of Attraction. And that you CAN be ANYTHING you set your mind too. I’m living proof of that! That you too can reinvent yourself. I knew very little about YouTube when I started my channel. But I believed that I was on the right path. And so, I made my way.  

Now, I want to help YOU make your way. So, I’ve created the YouTube Insiders. Where I will take you on a journey with me inside YouTube. And you will learn some of the best YouTube secrets. You can sign up here for our free Webinar on August 1. And I will see you there!

Here’s to your awesome abundance,