I know you have dreams of where you want to be one day. We all do. Where are you in achieving those dreams? Are you working a list of tasks one at a time towards your goal? Or are your action steps all in your head in a big jumble? Is anyone helping you?

While I had my private practice, I coached thousands of people. I helped people from all backgrounds tune into their astrological charts. We examined the areas in their lives where they may already accel. We also took a look at areas where they may not be born naturals.

Then, we worked together to tackle their goals. It might have been a new relationship they wanted to make work. Or, maybe a new business they were trying to launch. My priority was helping them be who they wanted to be. 

The one thing I remember so well, though, was that once a goal was established, they were filled with statements like “I know I need to…” and “From now on, I’ll…” 

There was such a burden to make everything happen as soon as possible – and all by themselves!

Here’s a little secret: Powerful people ask for help. 

Powerful people are OK with saying, “I can’t do it all.” They delegate what they’re not great at. They’ll ask for emotional support when the pressure is too much. And, they’ll even ask for an extra set of hands when they’re in over their head.

Based on that definition, how POWERFUL are you?

When was the last time YOU asked for help? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to practice.

When you’re running your business, it’s ok to ask for help then, too. Look at outsourcing the one or two things you dread doing. Bookkeeping is a popular task to outsource, but you might also look into a virtual assistant, or a housecleaner to help free up time for your business.

Experience has taught me that things always take longer than you think they will. And you don’t make as much money as you want to when you are starting out. You just don’t! There are no get rich quick schemes. And there may be days where you want to throw in the towel and walk away. But if you stick with it and keep plugging away. You will breakthrough and ACHIEVE your dreams. Sometimes you have to dig deep inside yourself and PULL UP your power. And make that resolve to keep going in spite of the delays and frustrations. Keep your eye on the prize! 

Planning your first YouTube video? Ask a friend over for advice and a little help with the camera. I guarantee they’ll be intrigued and happy to help!

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You might also be starting or growing a business. Video is a powerful tool that can work wonders to get your brand message out on YouTube and other social media channels. 

And best of all, with these webinars, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Remember, it’s GOOD to seek out help! While teaching my courses, so many students have been asking for more in-depth YouTube training. They’ve asked for help – and I’ve listened.

I’ll be helping you learn about how to start, grow, and brand your channel with my top strategies for success, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions. 

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