“The minute you choose to do what you really want to do. It’s a different kind of life.”

–Buckminster Fuller


One of the things I love about my job is setting my own schedule.  

Through my YouTube channel and my Academy, I also get to help people all over the world find their passion, channel their energies into it, and grow it into a sustainable business. YAY!

So many people come to me with really great ideas, and they’re not sure how to get started. I love helping them and seeing people transform from unsure to UNSTOPPABLE!

But what if you don’t know what you want to do? What if you’re not sure what your passion is? NO PROBLEM! The fact that you’re looking for something means you’re open and ready for change. So, how do you go about it if you don’t know WHAT change you want?

Here’s an exercise for you.

Close your eyes for a moment and envision yourself just waking up and getting ready to take on the day. Heck, if you want to try this tomorrow morning, do it! Either way, right now or tomorrow, is fine.

How do you fill the time just after you rise and grab your coffee? In this exercise, you’ve got a day all to yourself with zero responsibility. 

What is the first thing that you want to do? 

I know one person that lives and breathes the stock market. So, they head to their computer to watch all the stock prices rise and fall like a fascinating movie. Is that you? Or would you rather head to the kitchen and bake something? Or go for a run? 

Pick the one thing that you want more than any other to spend the morning doing. Whatever you choose, make a note of it.

After lunch, where to next? Back to your morning activity, or is it time to work on something new?

Make a note of your IDEAL afternoon activity. 

Dinner time arrives, you have a great time with loved ones. A good friend asks you to tell them all about your activities for the day. They know you’re skilled at it and want to know everything! Even if you’re still learning, give yourself credit! Acknowledge that you probably know a lot more than the average person. 

The next step is important. I want you to look back on your notes. Out of a million options on how you could have spent the day, you chose certain things.

Why did you make those choices? What about those activities made you happy? 

Now, take a look at everything you’ve written. How can you make money doing one of those things? Write down as many ways as you can think of.  

As they say, “once you find your true calling, you’ll never work another day in your life.”  

This is mostly true. You’ll always have days where you’re not thrilled about your task list. Believe me, though, it will be a lot easier to handle a boring task to support your PASSION than doing that same thing at a dead-end job.

If you’re serious about building a life you love, don’t wait! Get started today discovering your passion! Work EVERY DAY towards it. This is how you find your North Star. Your soul will love you for it.

I promise that next year you’ll be proud of who you’ve become.