This year is going to be a good one. I’m sure of it. Here’s how I know.

Every year as my birthday nears, I review my forecast for the next year. Is this trip around the Sun going to be a good one? A bad one? Will there be ups and downs? Or smooth sailing? 

Here’s what I learned from my Solar Return Report:

It’s an excellent year for me to give birth. I assure you; I’m not having a child this year! BUT the YouTube Insiders course was a smashing success! I’ve already got the next course planned out. I’ve added some new reports to my shop. And the year’s barely begun for me. I’ve got big plans for later in the year, too. The Moon is square Pluto for me this year, so stay tuned as new projects unfold!

 I’m likely to be nesting and nurturing. With the ascendant in Cancer, I’m ready to take care of my home, of others, and myself. I have been doing some home remodeling projects. And there are more to come on the horizon. When you hear that phrase, “the planets aligned for me.” It’s for real. There’s a reason I’m doing some nesting at home right now. Projects are more likely to be successful at this time. I will seize the day.  And take advantage of this inside scoop. YAY!

Prosperity is in my hands. With Mercury in the first house, it shows that opportunity is on the horizon. I just need to be open to it. Be ready to step up. And be accepting of the chance to rise to the occasion. Well, I’m ready! What about you? 

Every year has its challenges. Pluto in the sixth house has brought me this charm, “Even the most virtuous person is likely to be challenged on a daily basis.” Oh my. When I read this, I was a bit worried. But then I re-read the rest of the report, and decided that I can handle anything! 

And that’s what Astrology is supposed to do. EMPOWER. Without some challenge how can you grow and evolve? I too keep having blessings in my life. It’s like the Universe is saying, “Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.” 

Interpreting the planets and stars should be used to help you along. Nothing needs scare you. You want to feel great about it! By reviewing your Solar Return Report, you now KNOW. You’re already ahead of anyone else that did not read their report. And, you’re prepared for the challenges that may lie ahead. And, you may even find them a bit thrilling. This is good news. 

When was the last time your Astrology scared you a little? Did it motivate you to action? 




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