Happy New Year and Decade! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and were able to ring in the new year in the way you love.

My New Year’s plans included a festive time with friends and family on New Year’s Eve. But on New Year’s Day, I spent a few hours reflecting. This is a tradition for me. Here’s what I do: 

I look through my planner for the past year and look at various meetings, events, and outings. 

I take some time to reflect. I think about what went well. I also spend time thinking about what I could have done better. Honestly, I probably spend MORE time thinking about the things I could have done better. 

It is in our “failures” that we learn the most. I don’t like the word failure. Failure is just another word for opportunity, right?

My next step is to commit to change. Then I MAKE A PLAN. Change never comes by dreaming about it. It comes from hard work and discipline

It doesn’t matter if you want to quit smoking, find a life partner, or expand your business. It all comes down to making a plan and executing. In fact, I can tell who will succeed and who will fail by how much discipline they have in working towards their goals. 

A lot of people see discipline as a form of work – or even punishment! There is no magic pill for success. I’ve got no magic wand for my YouTube channel. BUT I can tell you this: 

Being disciplined is the most freeing thing in the world. 

Really! Working hard…really hard…means I’m meeting my goals. It means I’ve got the financial freedom that I can pay my bills, buy myself some beautiful things, and take care of those I love. And, I can do this all without going into a boring office. Or working on things that don’t matter to me.

See what I mean? Discipline gave me the ultimate freedom!

The next time you’re procrastinating, you want to ask yourself why. Chances are the task isn’t aligned with your true desire. Or maybe you’re just not seeing the connection. 

Here’s my New Year’s wish for all of you: I wish you discipline. If you have that, everything else is just over the horizon!

To your success!





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