I spent some time Zooming with a friend recently. She was laid off from her job in a dentist’s office. Despite being out of work, she is lucky to have some job security. She’ll be called back when the office can reopen, but she didn’t even like her job anyway. So, she saw being called back as both a blessing and a curse.  

All things considered; I was thrilled for her. Sure, the bills are an issue until unemployment kicks in, but her blessings were abundant. She had extra time to reflect on her life. She had a job to go back to, so she wasn’t worried about seeking employment. She could pursue her passions and discover what truly made her happy!  

Unfortunately, my happiness for her was short-lived when she told me she’d spent the last six weeks watching cat videos and binging TV shows. 

We all need time to chill out. It’s a stressful time. We should all be making time to de-stress in ways that work for us. However, my friend is now more stressed than ever! How much can cat videos help your de-stress, if they ultimately cause you stress?! 

If you’re not happy where you are, YOU are responsible for changing your situation. Given all the retrogrades starting in May, that is Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter, Venus retrograde May 13—June 25 is an opportunity to tune into what you love and value you NOW in your life. It is an excellent time to do research into potential areas of employment or starting your own business. 

Here’s what I recommended to my friend and what I recommend to anyone that is not happy where they currently are in life. Spend time actively seeking out what will make you happy. What are your personal needs? 

Make a plan. Write it down. Work at it every free moment you have. Make finding happiness your second job!  

I spent the rest of the Zoom session with my friend Sam helping her with her plan. She doesn’t like being a hygienist. But Sam has no idea what she DOES like. This is a problem that can be fixed. Sam’s astrology tells her that she is best focused when connecting with nature. This can mean so many different things…gardener, park ranger, astronomer, weather person, etc. If you are like Sam and have no idea what you loved to do for work. Or perhaps you are at a place in your life where you are seeking a NEW life purpose. 

Here’s what I want you to include in your work/purpose happiness plan. Write down everything that you think might make you happy. Make a giant list. Then get ready to research each item, one at a time. Google every career. Look up each one on YouTube. 

YouTube is the number one resource library in the world. If you need a recipe, are curious about ancient civilizations, or want the latest celebrity gossip. There are channels for everything! There are also many readers on YouTube. I’ve been partnering with a couple of them recently to broadcast live. Here’s is a recent live broadcast I did with my star student Raphael Rey.  

My point here is this: if you seek information, you will find it. Be purposeful in your search. Mindlessly watching videos, or surfing social media, will not amount to much. But instead, seek knowledge with a specific intention. Use your astrology to guide your path. Seek information about your interests, but ensure they align with what’s right for your soul. And what you personally need NOW in your life to be happy. What’s worth your valuable time?   

After you’ve spent some time learning about one profession, take some time to unpack your new knowledge. What did you like? What didn’t you like? For instance, if you just spent some time learning about growing food, perhaps the idea of working at a large nursery or farm appeals to you. Or maybe it seems like back-breaking work. Make notes about what you learned. Write down what you liked and didn’t like. Visualize yourself in that role. How does it make you feel? Passion clues are determined by how a job makes you feel. We give too much of our life force energy to making a living.  That it’s worth your time and effort to find work that interests you. Life is too short to be wasted in work that you dread. When there are so many ways to find work that gives you passion. 

Work through your list. You may keep adding to it as you learn about new fields. Once you’ve Googled and YouTubed every career, take stock of what you liked and find experts locally. Visit a nursery or local shop, ask your friends who they know in various fields. Talk to everyone and let them know your interests. I’d be willing to bet you have more than a few friends of friends that currently hold your dream job.  

Talk to everyone you can about new career ideas. How did they get where they are? Did they have specialized training? What do they dislike about their job? The more you know, the better informed you are to make the leap to something new. And when you do find work that interests and excites you, the old dread will be gone. YAY! 

I do recommend reviewing your Personalized Money Report. Because it reveals what you need in your life that is of TRUE WORTH to you.  I review all of my reports every few months to keep myself centered and focused.  

There is a time for everything. Let the stars guide you every month. Don’t get discouraged. Your true path is out there, and I know you can find it! Take advantage of this downtime and see who you are NOW. Play with the idea of a new life that includes work that thrills you. Work that gives you that purpose to get out of bed in the morning and take on your day. Remember that you were born for greatness. You are a HERO for being here during these insane and chaotic times. Please Settle for MORE!

Tons of Love and abundance,




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