I have an important question: For those of you with kids, how are you doing?

One day, kids are going back to school. 

The next day, it’s homeschooled. 

Just when you have your plan figured out for who will be home with the kids, schools announce the hybrid plan where they’re in school every other day. Except Fridays. And never on the second Tuesday after the first Thursday. And not on the third day after a Full Moon, either. But just follow the schedule. It’s super easy, they say. 

Are you confused yet? Exhausted? Overwhelmed?

My daughter is grown and out of the house, but I’m confused, exhausted, and overwhelmed FOR you!

Keeping kids entertained during these crazy times is an epic feat. Navigating schooling and all its challenges is a never-ending – and thankless – task.

So, how are YOU?!

Take a minute to appreciate yourself for all you’ve been through. And appreciate yourself for all you’ll continue to handle for the foreseeable future as well.

Kids are kids. They are needy and self-centered and have no idea what else you’ve got on your plate. And they shouldn’t worry about those things. This is their time to learn and grow and discover the world. And it’s your time to help them navigate life.

I spent a lot of time analyzing the stars trying to figure out my own child. I was looking for clues on what might help her with school challenges. Or hiccups she had with her own friends as she grew up. I wanted to know the soul of my child and who she came to be in this life. So, I could support her personal development. Raising kids is hard enough. Raising happy, well-adjusted kids are even harder. I was looking for every bit of help I could find.

I wanted to teach my daughter to be her own person. And not just make her into another version of myself. We give birth to children, but they have their own karma and destiny. And that is revealed in their natal birth chart. It is so helpful to know your child’s psychology and life lessons that they signed up for—including their talents, gifts, and abilities. That they may bring forth into this world. I believe the children are our future. They will save the world. They have the code to do this built right into their DNA.

We’ve created the Zodiac Child Report. It makes it easy for people with kids or grandkids to help their kids align with their natural abilities and inclinations. (And it’s fun to read as adults looking back on your own childhood.) Because that inner child is still with you today asking for you to connect. Don’t leave him or her behind. I have a picture of myself that I keep on my desk from when I was six years old.

This reminds me to stay connected to my inner child (soul). And it helps when I am having challenging days. And who doesn’t have challenging days these days. Reclaim your inner child and this will make you feel whole. Virgo is about achieving wholeness and completion. You can only do this when you connect to your inner child. It’s the best way to heal old wounds.

If you’ve got kids in your life, comment below and tell me how you’re doing. And tell me how you weave their astrology into their lives. And even if you don’t have kids you got an inner child, I want to hear from him or her too. How the heck are you doing? I am sending you…

Tons of Love and Abundance,





Here’s that link again for the Zodiac Child Report. The journey from babyhood to adulthood is full of joys and challenges. This report is intended to help parents and mentors. To support

and encourage their children through difficult times. And to provide them with

as much love and joy as possible.


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