The Solar Return Chart is a powerful tool astrologers use to predict your year ahead.

Solar Return Astrology in life we call it Happy Birthday. In astrology every year when the Sun returns to your exact degree at birth, you are in a new Solar Return chart. The Solar Return chart is a snapshot picture of your transits for the year (birthday to birthday).  The Solar Return chart is read as a natal chart, only that its influence is in effect for one year.

Solar return charts are read from birthday to birthday. For instance, I may analyze in your session, your solar return chart for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Solar return charts power and influence wax and wanes like a New Moon and Full Moon. In other words, your 2015 Solar Return chart’s power will begin to wane as we approach your birthday in 2016 and new Solar Return Chart.

The Solar Return chart can hold a tremendous wealth of information in providing you answers about your life direction, personal, professional, and financial opportunities for the upcoming year. It is an overview picture of your personal landscape for the solar year. The Solar Return chart shows the astrologer where you will be focusing your energy, time, and effort.  Where you are being grown and stretched. The Solar Return is used to support the transits and progressions which are also used by the astrologer to answer these and many more important questions to provide you with clarity, guidance, direction, validation, and empowerment.

Your Birthday is the most sacred day of the year. Your birthday is when all of Cosmos comes together and bestows gifts upon you and the new energy for the coming year ahead. Up until your Birthday, you are in a “six-week cycle.”  That is, you receive the tests of the entire year in the last six weeks leading up to your birthday.  Right before you receive your new energy and gifts. You will close out the books (karma, initiations, and life-lessons) before your new Solar Return cycle begins.  Ever notice how tired you are right before your birthday?  The old energy is cycling down and the new energy is getting ready to emerge on your birthday. 

This same “six-week cycle” and rebirth happens on January 1st every year.  Ever notice how the last six weeks of the year are the energy is the heaviest? We are personally and collectively balancing out the karma of the year in the last six weeks leading up until January, the New Year.   We are clearing the way for January, a fresh start, the promise of new beginnings and the New Year’s opportunities to commence.

The Solar Return chart is your personal New Solar Year. This valuable tool can reveal your year ahead. You can schedule an astrological consultation with Kelley at this astrology page or the link below.

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“Dear Kelley,

Trust your doing well! I am through, my residency has been approved. It was approved as of the last Thursday the 19th of April and as you rightly said it all happened and all I had to do was to have faith and belief in the higher power and play my part in being persistent and it happened. This has swept me off my feet and it has turned my life upside down but in a good way, a very good way!!

I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and the courage you empowered me with to take this forward and fight it through. I know want to jump on to living my true life path and achieve all that I desire and deserve. I will be needing your guidance along this journey and we will back to seek it.” ~ Anand Kumar, Wellington, New Zealand