Biz Wiz Success Program

We’ve identified the 100 key factors to consistent business success and profitability and grouped these into 10 distinct areas:

  1. Service Excellence
  2. Staff Management
  3. Planning & Strategies
  4. Sales Management
  5. High Productivity
  6. High Profits Now
  7. Empowered Leadership
  8. Trends & Ratios
  9. CEO Personal Balance
  10. Accounting & Taxes Congratulations for taking this one!


There are 4 steps to completing the  Biz Whiz Success Program.

Step 1: Answer each question. If the statement is true, check the square. If not leave it blank  until you’ve done what it takes for it to be checked. Be rigorous; be a hard grader.

Step 2: Summarize each section. Add up the number of squares for each of the 10 sections and write those amounts where indicated.  Then  add  up  all 10  sections and  write the current  total in  the box on the front of this form.

Step 3: Color in the Progress Chart on the front page. If you have five checks in  the Accounting secti on, color  in  the bottom  five boxes,  and  so  on.  Always start  from  the bottom  up. The goal is to have the entire chart filled in. This will indicate that you are managing your company well. In the meantime, you have a current picture of how you are doing in                                                                  each of the 10 areas.

Step 4: Keep playing until all boxes are filled in. This process may take 30 or 360 days, but you can do it!! Use your coach or advisor to assist you. And check back quarterly for maintenance.

Progress Chart

DatePoints (+/ -)Score

Biz Whiz Success Program  100-Point Checklist 



Give yourself credit as you get points from the 100 -point program. Fill in columns from the bottom up.


  1. Service Excellence

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

The firm  has an  objective system to quantitatively measure customer satisfaction.

Quarterly meetings with key clients are conducted and changes made to service better.   Standards and philosophies of your organization are known and enhanced.

Staff learns from every mistake or client loss.   Service standards are written and are very  high.

TQM  (Total Quality Management) program  has been created and implemented.

Value is continuously being added to products and services, whether the customer asks for it or not.

Service and requirements are fulfilled in record time, far faster than the customer expected.

The firm has a strong reputation for being the best in delivering service. The firm  knows what the customers want and  need even  before they do.

B.  Staff Management

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

 Staff accountabilities are written and clear.   Quarterly employee reviews are conducted.   Staff  reports to managers automatically.

Each  staff knows what their contribution is.

Each employee is in the job that uses his/her strengths; there is no suffering or mismatches.

Consequences are imposed for non-performance.

Every employee is fully competent and skilled. No weak links or drag -me-downs. Every manager is qualified by experience, education, loyalty, motivation  and competence.

No one is coasting or being carried by  the firm.

Everything has a deadline or promised completion date and the employee and manager manage this.

Staff want to come to work and are well taken care of at work.

C.  Planning  & Strategies

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

The firm has a business plan that sets forth the strategic and operational objectives and programs for  the year.

Quarterly planning sessions conducted with  managers and staff.

The market for the company’s product or service is good or  excellent   .

The Business Plan is being used, measured against and  updated at least quarterly.

Well-sourced sales projections are used to establish inventory, personnel and cash requirements.

The firm is going in a single direction and every major decision s upports that direction.   The company has more than sufficient  resources to meet its short  -range objectives.

Adequate cash is always available for emergencies.

The firm has the right consultant, coach, banker, accountant, attorney and  other advisers to  guide it properly.

The company is not dependent  on  a single supplier.

D.  Sales Management

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

Sales are being done only by those who can really sell. No extra bodies in the sales department.

Sales people are managed daily or weekly on results and the source of less -than-quota results is known.

Every sales person has a daily quota and they meet or exceed this quota, regardless.   Sales people compensation is adequate.

Sales staff is a team working on a daily goal together. Awards are given.   Unit sales volume is increasing.

Sales staff prepares sales projections and its performance against the forecast is monitored frequently.

Sales staff is motivated, producing and excited about   their success.

Sales department maintains an attractive visual display of group and individual sales. Sales department staff is supported well by every other department and is cheered on.

E.  High Productivity

Number of circles checked (10 max)               

All paperwork is touched only once.   Operations are fully computerized.

Very, very few problems occur in any department. If they do, they are handled immediately and  the source is eliminated.  Firm  is a “problem -free zone.”

A single individual has responsibility for the day -to-day operating decisions.   Staff does very accurate work, nothing thrown  together or substandard.

Staff works hard and smart; no duplication.   Decisions are pushed down as far a possible.

Every  meeting accomplishes something specific.

Staff communicates everything that is getting in the way of their being productive and knows how to make requirements known  vs. complaints.

Staff has the equipment and  training they need to  double their productivity.

F. High  Profits Now

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

The firm’s profits are very, very high at a very conservative level of sales or a whole lot is being sold.

Profitability is not an issue or a problem in the firm.   Staff and plants are being utilized at 80%  plus.

Break-even levels are low.

Services/products are packaged so that they produce a stream of income, not just a one – time sale.

The company is profit -driven vs. merely revenue -driven.   Budget variances are  recorded, analyzed and managed.

Individual responsibilities for achieving financial goals are clearly defined.   The firm  is one of the leaders in the market.

The firm’s pricing policy is not tied to the market leaders.

G.  Empowered Leadership

Number of circles checked (10 max)                   

CEO has a strong vision and  others have bought in.   Firm  has a simple mission statement.

The firm’s culture is cooperative vs. adversarial.

The firm has very large goals and everyone is excited abo ut reaching these goals.   The CEO frequently interacts with employees at all  levels.

CEO  initiates huge requirements.

CEO is developing leaders, not just managers.   Staff is proud of the high quality work they do.   Firm  is customer -sensitive and customer -driven.

Staff is proud of their role in the success of the firm.

H.  Trends & Ratios

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

Debt service as a percentage of gross profit decreased last year.   Ratio of the company’s total deb t to equity decreased last year.

All accounts receivable are being collected per standards (average collection period is less than 150% of customer payment  policy).

G&A expenses are decreasing as a percentage of net sales.

Profit margins have increased for core products or services over the last 3 years.   No one customer accounts for more than  25% of total sales or receivables.

Sales are consistent and increasing.

Management turnover is less than 20% per year.   Inventory turnover  is high .

Customer satisfaction  and  repeat buying is increasing.

I.  CEO  Personal Balance

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

 CEO has more time than he/she needs because everything is so well  done or delegated.

CEO has a right-hand person/ executive assistant who handles every detail so the CEO has space.

CEO has a strong, happy and healthy personal life with lots of physical activity and pleasure so work is work and not his/her  life.

CEO is adrenaline -free.

CEO is putting aside plenty of funds with which to become financially independent.   The company is always in good enough shape to  sell.

CEO has a strong personal foundation.

CEO enjoys creating blockbuster results for the  firm.

CEO does his/ her 10 daily personal habits consistently.   CEO is proud of his/ herself as a human and as CEO.

J.  Accounting/ Taxes

Number of circles checked (10 max)                

Bank reconciliation’s are complete and  up -to-date.

All income, sales and property taxes are filed, paid an d current.   All  bills are routinely paid on time.

Payroll  is automated, accurate and effortless.

Inventory procedures are in effect that insure an accurate account of usable inventory at the end of each month.

Accounts payable ledger is current   and  includes all  bills and purchase orders.

Firm is current with loan payments and is in conformance with all loan agreements.   Accounting department is well run.

Financial statements are done by 5 -15th of month. Each  department gets reports the y need and use.

What Else?

Please write down the additional things your firm needs to be successful. Check off when completed.


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