Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching: To shift the company culture and to get everyone on track moving forward.

Managers: Staff excellence– fostering and developing leadership excellence and highly effective strong teams.

Staff: Strengthening interpersonal skills, communication mastery, and accelerating their career path.

The 11 areas of executive coaching we will focus on are:

Life/Work balance, High Productivity,  Self-management, Communication, Dialogue, Healthy Boundaries, Quality work, Take Initiative, Manage Up, Team Work, Conflict Resolution, and Career Path.

We will also focus on the following areas:

More effective planning

Higher Leader productivity

Higher team productivity

Faster revenue stream

Increased customer satisfaction

Faster market penetration

Reduced market penetration cost

What Is Worked On?  Here is what we will on together:

Solving business and personal problems.
Relationship problems– I am an expert.
Business planning, budgeting, and goal setting.
Integrating business and personal life for balance and happiness.
Increasing your health, well-being, vitality, effectiveness, and productivity.
Together we build your mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual reserves.
Doing the maximum in work, yet working less and making more… life.
Making key decisions and designing successful strategies.
I am a master strategist. I love empowering clients on their path, step by step taking goals–work, health, the relationship from the bottom to the top.
Prioritizing your action steps and projects.
Be a fantastic leader who inspires your people to give their best, respect and follow you.
Increasing sales substantially.
Turning around a difficult situation.
I can coach you to be skilled at dealing with difficult people.
Aligning the overall vision and goals of all teams in the organization
Maximizing team performance.

My Commitment Is:

I will ask questions until you and I are certain we understand you.
I will be absolutely truthful with you at all times.
I believe that you can accomplish more than you believe you can.
I will have high expectations and will ask you to stretch for them.
I will support you and your decisions, absolutely.
I will challenge you to reach for an even more fulfilling work and life.
Everything we say remains totally confidential.
You will receive more than is promised.
I am a master listener.  I will be hearing very carefully about what you do say and what you do not say.
I will pull you and call you forward.
I will continuously strive to add value to your life.

Executive and Leadership Coaching will be assessed based on each company’s specific needs, goals and the number of employees involved.


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“There go the people. I must follow them for I am their leader.”

— Alexandre Ledru-Rollin


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