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    • Debbie
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      Finally I think my astrology daily horoscope is on point…. It’s actually a dramatic shift in my mindset, my intentions are to receive. I am truly valuing myself more and more each day

      Leo Daily Horoscope
      By Tarot.com Astrologers
      7.17.18: A dramatic shift in your attitude toward your assets and resources is possible now. You may find yourself becoming less attached to your possessions or simply more frugal with your cash. However this change occurs, it reflects a transition in how you value yourself. Perhaps the planets are offering you an initiation into new wisdom by pointing out a different spiritual path. Take the opportunity to view things from a mythical perspective; do your best to work with the magic while remaining practical. Explore the unknown to uncover the mysteries.

    • Danette Vazquez
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      Hi Debbie, I love this!

    • Kelley
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      Great astrology Debbie!

    • Jennique
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      Leos unite!!

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