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    • Scoti Samant
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      Hey Goddesses! I hope the course is going well so far. What’s the biggest AHA! Moment you’ve had so far?

    • wrendreams
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      I think that the biggest aha moment (s) for me were the money blocks. Once I realized what they were, and when they began and why, it explained my strong emotional reaction to money issues throughout my life. It was all tied into my parents, and how they would assist me with money in certain periods of my life and my own sense of not feeling worthy. Knowing the root of my money blocks explained so many things in my life! And now that I understand them, working through them makes the change so easy!

    • Lauren ❀ヅ❤♫
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      Hi Scoti and Wrendreams,

      That’s a big revealation Wrendreams! I’m glad that this knowledge is helping you. Isn’t it amazing that how we perceive the action of others, early in life, can impact our relationship to ourselves, our life energy and money later? Thanks for sharing. I wish you lots of development in overcoming these blocks.

      Although I did the course last year, I’m still processing some of the big impacts it had. One of them was my realisation about money blocks. My money blocks were a little bit similar in the that I didn’t feel worthy of what I earned and would pour more and more energy into my career, even past the point of my own energetic depletion.

      Also, whenever I did have money, I didn’t respect it, save it or even value the life energy that went into it. I would squander it or give it away to people. Now, with perspective I see that money has always been there in my life. It’s just a matter of respecting how I can attract it and be a vibrational match for the good energy that comes with it. I still have my moments of being too generous, flippant with money or squandering it but I keep these very much under control especially now that I’m more business savvy.

      Take care goddesses and enjoy the course,

      Lauren 🙂

    • wrendreams
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      Thank you so much for your support and sharing your thoughts. I am so excited to learn more and put all this new found knowledge into action! It is really nice to know that there is a support group of goddesses out there that I can reach out to.

      Take care!

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