Mercury Retrograde! Yikes!

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    • Sorana Santos
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      Oh wowsers! I thought I’d try avoiding Mercury Retrograde by holing up at home and just getting on with my work from there. HA!! WRONG!! We’ve had no internet for the last two weeks and the technician can’t come until Tuesday at the earliest, I’ve not been able to complete my last two modules of the Wealthy Goddess & I’m in a noisy cafe with free wifi hoping to catch Kelley’s final coaching session.

      Will be glad when this is over!

      What are your funny Mercury Retrograde stories?

    • Holli
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      OH no! Well I’m thankful you have somewhere to go to access the internet! Hopefully you’re connected again by now!

      During this retrograde, I haven’t been able to speak properly. I’ll try to say something and it will all get jumbled into one word, haha. People look at me like I have two heads. I’ve been feeling tired enough to take naps, which isn’t typical for me. It’s been quite the summer! I’ve learned a lot during this retrograde season, and worked on myself and my goals. So it hasn’t gone to waste, I’m just ready for those planets to go direct! As I’m sure you are too!

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