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    • annburns
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      How do you say this with a positive tone? module 1 action steps.
      d/ -I don’t have unconditional belief in my own abilities; I keep thinking I need more education, more experience, better memory, more skill, less procrastination. I can see I need to start speaking in a much more positive manner to myself.
      e/ -I do have the strength to push through and get the job done – I am resilient.
      f/ -when things don’t go to plan – I find a way around the obstacle, find a different path, or push through till I have a result. And/or I ask for help.
      g/ -not comfortable tooting my own horn – then feel disappointed when others don’t see what I am capable of.
      h/ -I am able to see a bigger picture, and I can see how my role may seem small, but I can see the ripple effect of my actions as they affect my close family and outwards to the people they come into contact with & onwards out into the world
      i/ -I did not have a vision; my blinkers were on. I am now parting the clouds (mixed metaphors but who cares) and am beginning to see a way forward that gives me valuable time with my family and friends, AND brings prosperity
      j/ -the path ahead is becoming clearer; one step at a time; lay the building blocks; one task at a time and do it properly
      k/ -I AM READY to take ownership of my success!

    • Elizabeth
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      More Affirmations! They really do reshape your mind, and your world. Say ’em loud, or out loud to yourself.

      I AM a wealthy, powerful Goddess!

      I AM powerful!

      It works!

    • Jennique
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      So true Elizabeth! I’m working on writing a list of new affirmations!

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