Relationship with money – prior to Course

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      I have not been giving money it’s due respect. I have been seeing it as numbers and haven’t appreciated it enough. I work too hard to get it, but spend it too easily on things to make me feel better. My sun is in Capricorn and my Moon is in Cancer – so I seem to swing between practicality and emotional eating or spending. I have taken money for granted; it is not “real” because I can’t see it or feel it – its in a bank account, online or on “plastic”. Then I stress when there is not enough to transfer over to pay the plastic. Though I believe in the abundance of the universe, I probably speak about it in the context of “lack” rather than appreciation of what I have. I now change that language and speak of my appreciation and respect for everything that I have, for my ability to attract more, and for the knowledge that I have always had – that money comes to me when I need it.
      – My first big lesson about money came after I married at 16 (as we were pregnant, he was 22). Came my husband’s birthday, and I was upset because I had no money to buy him a present. He said that I could take money from his wallet any time I wanted – but that was not the same as having some of my own – and he would know how much it cost. So that set me up knowing that I would get a job at some stage so that I could have some of my own money to make decisions about. It helped that my mother had worked while many other local mothers had not, so I had a role model. Further to that, I knew I would need some more education at some stage too – to get work that would pay me what I am worth! ps – we are still together 47 years later, and still work as a team in our own ways. He is a Taurus, so I guess we have many underlying similar beliefs about money and family – but enough differences to make me question my own beliefs at times. I am becoming better at standing up for my beliefs, and being able to voice my reasoning. I also know now how to “sell” my reasoning in a way that links to his belief system – eg stability, family, saving money

    • Elizabeth
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      Learning to appreciate money is a great step forward, and you’ve taken it. Yaaay! Inevitably, financial freedom will begin to blossom in your life.

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