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    • Melanie
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      Hi Sister-babes,

      In a previous post, I explained that I’d take part in a workshop on ‘Discover your skills and strengths for your professional and personal development’.

      This workshop was thought-provoking/mind blowing for everyone in my company who took the course! A colleague told me that he dreamed of the training and he’s giving serious thoughts as to what to do next! Glad we did not have any supervisors in the room (otherwise it would have screwed up the process). Everyone could speak freely!

      Prior to the training we had to fill in a questionnaire to explore our interests (out 0f 108 suggestions). Narrow down to 8 and finally choose 2 interests we like best. It ranged from ‘planting and care for trees’ to ‘rebuild or repair racing car engines’!

      During the training, we looked at our hopes and expectations.
      We looked at our WORK VALUES (we had cards to help us choose and categorize between very important, important, not important), INTERESTS (passion themes), STRENGTHS, BLOCKS and BRIDGES (sounds familiar? hehe)
      We did a CLARIFYING, VISIONING and SETTING OBJECTIVES exercise (describing what success means, generating ideas for our future, realistic actions, follow-up plan)
      Each participant did a drawing to depict the above (to let the inner child have fun and be creative! the instructors gave us huge papers, crayons of different colors).

      My aha moment was when I listed my work values. I realized that FINANCIAL REWARDS was very important to me ‘it says: FINANCIAL REWARDS: to earn a good salary. To be paid what I am worth’ – Because, hell yes! I want people to pay me based on my skills and the added-value I bring to the company! I want to have a good salary to be able to do my hobbies and do what I enjoy doing. Beside, I bought an apartment in the beginning of the year, I need to reimburse my loan. Funnily enough, some people said that it was also important for them but did not dare put it in the list! You see how much people have money blocks! Or fear what others may think? I did not give a damn, I just said it, plain and simple.

      The instructors put is in pair and wanted us to look at the interests we chose, and ask questions to the other partner in the form of an interview:
      – what would you love about this interest?
      – what is so appealing?
      – what is it that motivates you about it?
      – what is so satisfying for you? etc.

      Also prior to the workshop, we were requested to list our achievements (work and/or non work). After that, we did a ‘When I am at my best’ exercise to identify conditions that help us thrive or sparkle and eventually identify a possible pattern.

      Our personal summary strengths chart was a table encompassing our strengths, when I’m at my best (conditions that helped us thrive or sparkle), work and life motivators, work values, reflections (on ourselves, common themes, discrepancies/conflicts, surprises and 3 things we must have in a job)

      What I loved was that our action plan took form of a PLANNING WHEEL:
      Today I will …
      Tomorrow I will…
      Next week I…
      This month I will…
      Next month, I …
      By month 2, I…
      By month 3, I…
      By month X …
      You read the above in a clockwise manner. And we put post-it notes on the pie chart for each section.

      I gave myself 6 months to reach my goal which is ‘How do I fill the gap for my next career move?’ as I realized how much creativity was out of the equation in my current job. I realized that I was not using past skills which is such a shame and waste! I accepted the fact that it’s safe when interests change overtime (science, development and IT stuff are now a turn on for me). I am more willing to be in stimulating environment where I can work with a team, test, explore, develop, share with others, experiment, and propose new ideas. The idea is to work in a different unit 😉 or move in a different company ! After all, it’s safe to leave the doors open and be ready to receive what will show up! So I do not put barriers!

      BOTTOM LINE: I am being strategic right now, I have my action planning wheel, listed my strengths, I documented everything and next week I have an appointment with a coach. The idea is to present these key findings so that she help me define the best route to reach the next career move before I go to my supervisor and HR to explain the situation and what my expectations are.

      KELLEY I cannot help but notice similarities in the way you carry out the workshop, the exercises that you ask us to do, the overall approach. I AM SO GLAD I ENROLLED IN YOUR PROGRAM!!!

      Also when we presented our drawing, other people of the group gave feedback on qualities they thought we had. We added these qualities on top of our drawing and the instructor asked us to say out loud these qualities using ‘ I am…’ – I am helpful, I am determined, I am creative, I am resourceful etc.’
      He emphasized how POSITIVE THINKING is essential if you want to succeed!

      Aquarius full moon (UNIVERSE!), can you hear me (hehe)? I feel that you want me to reconsider things and think about what to do next. I embrace this new challenge/changes. I WANT IT SO BADLY!! I will do my homework (work on a strategy) and have discipline so that I am ready when the doors open!

      Happy to share more if you want ladies!!!

      Be well, be blessed and Have faith!


    • Holli
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      Thank you for sharing this experience!!
      What an amazing one to have, and to think it came from your current employer! Thats awesome! It’s very similar to the Gutsy Goddess, and I’m sure what you’ve learned here only helped you to make the most of the workshop! Everything happens for a reason! 🙂

      This all took place over the course of one work day? I’m just wondering how long they gave you to figure out the answers to some of those questions/ topics. Sometimes being put under a time restraint doesn’t work very well for me haha, but I’m just curious.

      • Katie Kultgen
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        That’s too cool! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with your workshop. We could all use some feedback from others as to what they see our strengths as. So often we never view ourselves like that. This post really gave me some ideas. Thank you so much!

    • Melanie
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      Hi Holli,

      Thanks for your nice comments!

      The course lasted 1 day but we had a full week prior to the training to fill in the questionnaires on our interests, achievements and expectations. The rest was done during the workshop and I can tell you that the instructors knew how to manage their time!
      It was demanding, don’t get me wrong (by that I mean that we had to be fully ‘present’ and focus our energy on self).
      I liked what the instructors said at the beginning: this is a training for you and just you ! An opportunity to be selfish and think about you and what YOU want! An opportunity to have breakthroughs – aha moments and have some fun!
      Again totally in line with what Kelley said on being selfish. 🙂

      I honestly did not feel pushed, as I filled in the questionnaires before – It definitely helped and the way the course was carried out, it flowed naturally.

    • Jennique
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      Wow Melanie!!! Get after it!!! Whoo hoo!!!

    • jbuck033
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    • Kelley
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      Get educated. Learn new skills. Learn as much as you can about how to make more money in whatever business you are in. Investigate what other other people in your industry are doing. For example, people who are more financially successful than you are and follow suit.

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