Storm of a lifetime… Florence is

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    • Kelley
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      The east coast is about to be hit with Florence a huge hurricane. Amanda lives in North Carolina she is directly being affected by this massive storm. I live north of the storm in Boston. We have dodged this bullet. But, we get some nasty storms here, especially in the winter. Are any of you needing to evacuate because of Florence? It is has been quiet here how are you doing? How are my sister-babes? So many of you have given me great testimonials and I appreciate you so much. You are in my heart and thoughts.

    • Elizabeth
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      My thoughts are with you all, from New Zealand. I hope those affected by the storm are safe and well.

    • Sorana Santos
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      Similarly hoping everyone was ok who was being hit by the US storm? When the mercury retrograde arrived I lost my wifi access and have only just regained it a few days ago – created work-based pandemonium, though counting myself lucky we don’t get bad storms all that often in the UK. Sending my best to everyone x

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