Two Affirmations

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  • Elizabeth
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    Hello goddesses!

    I love the efficacy of affirmations. By using them daily, I feel my whole brain is being rewired.

    Here are two affirmations I wanted to share, from a book called Scientific Healing Affirmations by Yogananda. They look just the ticket to help to build lasting wealth and a positive money mindset, in addition to the fabulous affirmations provided by Kelley. The second one appeals to me; it’s perfect for releasing money blocks!

    “God is my own inexhaustible Divine Bank. I am always rich. for I have access to the Cosmic Storehouse.”

    “The sunshine of Divine Prosperity has just burst through the dark sky of my limitations. I am God’s child. What She has, I have.”

    Happy manifesting!

  • Kelley
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    I like this Elizabeth write your affirmations in your own language. Yes!

  • Holli
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    Just what I needed to see on a Monday morning 🙂
    Thank you, Elizabeth! I hope everything is progressing well with your workspace!

  • Sorana Santos
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    Awesome! Thank you for sharing 😀 I’m gonna check that book out.

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