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    • Scoti Samant
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      Hi ladies! I hope everyone is enjoying the course so far… By now everyone has probably completed the first module about Activating Your Personal Power, and hopefully you’ve worked on the corresponding action guide. So, what did you take away from that module? What is YOUR superpower?

      I love to be creative, and I have a pretty good ability for strategic planning… 💥

      Please share your superpower here!

    • theresenolan4
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      Hi,I’m Therese and I’m originally from the west coast of Ireland, now living in Dublin.
      I think the universe is at work here cause I see alot of nurses on the course and guess what? I’m a nurse too. I love these synchronisities!

      I’m over 20 years working with General Practitioners i.e Family Doctors. A big part of my role is in preventative care and I have a special interest in nutrition. However I’d like to work more with alternative modalities. There isn’t great scope in orthodox medicine to do this. Although I do think it’s changing.

      I wrote a book afew years ago. It’s about the dynamics between the sociopath, the apath and empath. It’s a literary humanistic novel. I’d like to write more some day.

      I also love painting, mainly portraits and the sea. I feel so relaxed working with colour.

      I’m a Reiki master and IET master. I work with Crystal’s, aromatherapy, angel cards and sometimes tarot. I do occasional treatments on friends.
      I’m also a life coach but haven’t worked as one.
      Recently I started to take an interest in the cryptocurrency market and I’m finding it very interesting.

      I have done alot of travel and I love being in nature. I like to exercise daily either run, walk or swim. I’m a vegetarian and trying to go vegan. I’m single in my 40s and I don’t have any children. I’m so ready for a new chapter in my life. I’d love to incorporate more creativity and spirituality into my life and eventually give up nursing as I feel its time for change.

      I love listening to Kelley’s videos particularly her astrology ones. They totally resonate with me. I sense alot changes are manifesting right now. I feel I’m on the right path but I’m also at a crossroads. I want to make sure that I make the best decisions as I get confused about what road to take. I’m really excited about this course as I know it will be life changing and in a great way.

      Looking forward to moving forward on my journey with Kelley and like minded ladies. Xxx

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