Where are you on the road to your dream business?

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    • Scoti Samant
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      Let’s talk about where we today…

      Have you already started company, and you’re looking to double or even triple your business? Do you have a great idea, but you’re not sure where or how to get started? Or, you’re not even sure what your calling is?

      Everyone is on their own journey, but I’d love to hear more about your current place and what your goals are!

    • Ivori
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      Hi Scoti,

      For the past three years my husband and I managed his father’s furniture store.
      Almost a year ago we retired his father of 46 years in business and leased out our location to another gentlemen in the furniture business.

      This has given me inspiration to forge forward as an entrepreneur and start my own legacy.

      I’ve been in recovery, and in mama mode since I had my first child on 9/7/18. Fast forward almost 6 months later I’m ready to move forward on my journey.

      I have so many ideas, but often I find myself confused and not knowing where to start. Sometimes, once I come up with an awesome idea I start doubting myself, and saying “well maybe that wasn’t a good idea”. I stop myself before even trying.

      I have many talents, but zeroing in on what to focus on first is my pitfall. I can be very indecisive and change my mind often 🤦🏻️.

      My goals are to start a YouTube channel and build from there. I’m still working out how to incorporate all my ideas into my channel. I want to put up 5 videos a week. So, I have to come up with a lot of content ideas. Once that’s up and running I want to put up my blog and of course build my Twitter, Instagram m, and Facebook following.

      I want to develop an all-natural makeup line and a clothing line.
      I want to start off with a couple of items and grow from there.

      I also plan on product sourcing and setting up a FBA account with amazon.

      I also want to purchase an income property.

      I love cats too. I had 4- now 3 While I was pregnant, on 5/23/18 my cat Ozzy went missing. He was 9 yrs old. He was abandoned by his mother and I had him since he was 4 weeks old. He has yet to return home. My heart ❤️ bleeds every day. I loved that cat more than life itself. My thoughts were to start a product line based on my cats.

      I know the money will flow with the creativity. My goal is to receive 10k a month to start and continue to go up.

      I have my work cut out. I was so excited when Kelley announced this class. I know with her help, this class, and astrology I will be able to execute all ideas and rock!!

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