25 Steps To A Strong Personal Foundation           

Based on the Personal Foundation program

Decide that you want a strong personal foundation.
A strong foundation IS a choice. Want it.
Zap the tolerations.
Whatever you are putting up with eats away at your personal foundation.
Simplify your life, dramatically.
Resolve unfinished business.
Identify and focus on your 10 Daily Habits.
Restore your integrity wherever it’s broken.
Get your needs met. You can.
Handle the money. Period.
Treat your body like the temple it is.
Extend your boundaries until you are fully respected.
Raise your standard until you feel terrific.
Create reserves in all areas of your life.
Perfect the present, especially if it’s not.
Strengthen your family. Heal if necessary.
Extend your comm unity.
Start attracting instead of striving.
Select and reach your preferred ‘living states.’
Be well protected.
Choose your work, so that you can be all of yourself.
Reorient your life around your values.
Become a problem-free zone.
Improve your attitude.
Invest in your life.
Thank the people who’ve made your life as rich as it is.
Choose your post-foundation steps.

 —– Coach University

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano