28 Attraction Principles


1. Become incredibly Selfish, Without you, there is nothing, and attraction is not possible.

2. Unhook Yourself From The Future, Attraction works in the present, not in the future.

3.   Over-Respond To Every Event, By over-responding instead of overreacting, you evolve.

4.   Build a Super-Reserve In Every Area, Having enough is not nearly enough.

5.   Add Value For The Joy Of It, When you add value because you enjoy it, people are naturally attracted to you.

6.   Affect Others Profoundly, The more you touch others, the more attractive you will be.

7.   Market Your Talents Shamelessly, If you’re embarrassed about what you do well, you won’t be very attractive.

8.     Become Irresistibly Attractive To Yourself, How can you attract others if you do not feel irresistibly attractive to yourself?

9.     Get A Fulfilling Life, Not Just An Impressive Lifestyle, A great life is attractive; a lifestyle is usually seductive.

10.   Deliver Twice What You Promise, When you consistently deliver more than was expected, new customers are drawn to you.

11.    Create A Vacuum Which Pulls You Forward, Being pulled forward is attractive; pushing forward is not.

12.   Eliminate Delay, Time is expensive; thus, time is very unattractive.

13.   Get Your Personal Needs Met, Once And For All, If you have unmet needs, you’ll attract others like that.

14.   Thrive On The Details, Subtleties, details and nuances are more attractive than the obvious.

15.   Tolerate Nothing, When you put with something, it costs you. Costs are expensive and thus unattractive.

16.   Show Others How To Please You, Don’t Make Them Guess.

17.   Endorse Your Worst Weakness, When you accept and honor the worse part of yourself, you are more accepting of others.

18.   Sensitize Yourself, The more you feel, the more you’ll notice and respond to the many opportunities in the present.

19.   Perfect Your Environment, The Attraction Operating System is a sophisticated system, which requires a first-class environment.

20.   Develop More Character Than You Need, Integrity is not enough to become irresistibly attractive.

21.  See How Perfect The Present Really Is, Especially when it is clearly not.

22.   Become Unconditionally Constructive, High levels of respect are very attractive.

23.   Orient Exclusively Around Your Values, When you spend your days doing what fulfills you, you attract.

24.   Simplify Everything, Abandoning the non-essentials leaves more room.

25.   Master Your Craft, Being the best at what you do is the easiest way to become successful.

26.   Recognize And Tell The Truth, The truth is the most attractive thing of all. But it requires skills and awareness.

27.   Have A Vision, When you can see what’s coming, you don’t need to create a future.

28.     Be More Human, When you are genuine, you are attractive.

—– Thomas Leonard


  1. Wow, so helpful! Thanks. (we have the same name and spelling 😉 )

  2. Had to co-sign on the Wow! part. I strongly needed to read this…even at “53”. Gave me a checklist of sorts for self worth and prioritizing what’s most valuable in life. Thank you Kelley!

  3. Words of wisdom. Defenatly something to think about

  4. This is absolutely beautiful to me. Its what I needed to read today.
    # 5 Add value for the joy of it. Yes!

  5. This is really great. Thanks! About to turn 50 and really not feeling attractive though I work out and people tell me I am attractive. Wonder how long that will last… So I am going to work on feeling attractive to myself in whatever I can (internally most of all) and not by what society says.

  6. So impressed with your list that I signed up for your newsletter. Thank you!

  7. The real value of confidence is that it allows you to shift your focus away from yourself and onto the task at hand. If you take it far enough, it begins to look like humility – in the most attractive way.

  8. Fortunately I had just within the past month rid myself of two men that did not show me the respect that I deserve I am a very good woman and one was my boyfriend and ended up saying we would be friends but then he tried to make an end run around me and I’m caught him which also cut me off of some extra financial support however it’s worth it. The second one was just an old friend who apparently I had taught years ago that it was okay to treat me with such disrespect that when we started talking again this year I told him I did not accept disrespect anymore I’m not same woman that I was apparently he didn’t believe me and so therefore I told him I’m not taking the stress I’m not taking the ignorant I’m not taking a lies it’s not happening. As a matter of fact I only had to make two points and he could not excuse them I’ll make up something to explain them because there was no explanation for what it was it was selfishness it was narcissistic and it was disrespectful so I’m actually pretty proud of myself but reading them reiterated to me exactly why I did what I did thank you for that

  9. My NOrth Node is in Leo. SO Kelly really speaks to my soul path. TO embrace everyone and show them how lovable and beautiful they really are is what sings to me. But I still have my ego shadow to deal with. At 54, I feel like I am not representing my true face to the world. My path of lifework is still elusive. Hope to get a consult wit Kelly to clear the ruts, ground brush and stubling stones from my path so I can run and not have to tippy toe

  10. I Love This Very Up LiftingI Feel Better About My Self Already,Great!!! Thing’s To Know Very Exciting….

  11. I ❤️ You Ms.Kelley You Are Truly A {Wonderful One} Such A {Beauty}

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