Mercury Retrograde Wisdom

5 Things to do and not to do with Mercury Retrograde

Experiencing Mercury Retrograde, you can feel irritated by delays, distractions and mixed messages. Mercury rules contracts, communication, education, thinking, perception, data and transportation. Mercury governs all forms of media, such as publishing, broadcasting, podcasting, radio and TV. His is a large domain and/or kingdom. For instance, computers, cars and technology can act up during Mercury Retrograde.

 Do you remember Murphy’s Law? “What can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Mercury is the Magician card in the Tarot. He holds the power to transform base metals into gold. Even Mercury Retrograde has its benefits and advantages.  There is opportunity in every retrograde cycle. You are well advised to follow these simple steps. In other words, you can use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage. You can make Mercury Retrograde work for you. Timing is everything!


Five Things to do with Mercury Retrograde:

1) Mercury retrograde is excellent for doing our homework, such as research work, re-strategizing, re-working projects, writing, creating and working behind the scenes.

2) It is brilliant for re-connecting with old friends, lovers and colleagues.

3) This is a great time to back up all your records and important data on your computer.

4) It is an opportunity to rethink, redo, revisit, reconnect, rewrite, rebuild, reevaluate, reconsider, review, revise, research, and repair multiple situations.

5) It is a great time for learning. Do keep your sense of humor. Mercury is a trickster. He loves to play hide and seek. Yes, the Gods, the planets (archetypes) do have a sense of humor. Lost items can be rediscovered, while keys, wallets, documents, and other important items can go missing.


Five Things not to do with Mercury Retrograde:

1) Do not get married. Marriage is a sacred contract and if you desire a long-term relationship. Marrying under Mercury Retrograde can imply divorce or separation in the future.

2) Do not take a new job. If you have been out of work and do not mind changing your job later on, go ahead. Otherwise, it is best to wait until Mercury is direct.

3) Do not launch a new product, web site, business or construction project. This is not the time as too much is hidden from view and will be revealed later.

4) Do not purchase a new car or a new computer. Mercury rules cars and computers, thus it is notorious for buying a lemon under his retrograde influences.

5) Do not form a new business partnership. In fact, Mercury Retrograde rules liars, thieves and betrayers. It is wise to take a wait and see approach. Allow others to prove they are trustworthy to you before you invest your precious time, money and energy.

Mechanical items have a tendency to breakdown more than usual, especially Mercurial ruled areas: travel, communication, speaking, writing, listening, mail, community relations, and “business as usual.”

When Mercury is retrograde, we are well advised to delay signing contracts, getting married or launching construction projects. Unless you do not mind revising, redoing it later and are not attached to outcome. Any new job taken, personal or business partnership formed under Mercury retrograde will change in the future. If you do not mind temporary work, or a short-term partnership, then go ahead and merge.

The best strategy for riding the wave and navigating the Mercury Retrograde cycle is to keep a sense of humor! Be patient and double-check everything. When shopping keep your receipts, you may be returning or exchanging your purchases. Stay awake and be alert to your environment, especially while driving. The most precarious Mercury Retrograde days are the day he turns retrograde and the day he turns direct. I always like to give Mercury a day or two after he turns direct before taking action.


Love and Peace,

Mercury retrograde

Kelley Rosano




  1. Thank you so much for this! Finally, a clear, concise set of guidelines for navigating merc retro!

  2. Yes I’m on the job this time around…”being a Gemini” nothing will get past me. not even the betrayers.. lol

  3. Harmed Shergill

    Thanks Kelley for the update…Dec/31st

  4. I am out of a job at this time so I registered with a temp agency for now, I figured that would be safe. Will have to be patient and do my research until Merc goes direct. That’s life !!!! LOL !

  5. Thank you . . . a nice clear and concise set of statements regarding the vagaries of Mr Mercury retrograde. Appreciated . . .

  6. Dear Kelly ,
    It’s been a really tough year for me , mainly emotionally, also financially too,I have just been on the losing side .I’m still looking into the +ve side ,hoping everything will change for the good. But ,honestly I’m tired.
    I saw your reading for July Sagittarius ,I can only hope that things change for the good.
    Thank you for keeping the hope alive.

  7. Great advice. Thanks!

  8. Hi Kelley,
    I love your post about mercury retrograde! I only have a question… The transit of mercury retrograde affects in a particular way to those who were born with mercury retrograde or for everybody is the same? I am just wondering… because I have mercury retrograde in my birth chart 😀 Thank you!

  9. Some people born with Mercury retro that they thrive during its reverse cycle. Most of us find it very challenging.

  10. Is Mercury retrograde more intense for those with Mercury as his/her ruling planet? I’ve been observing but at the same time don’t wanna devote too much energy to “what can happen”. Lost my wallet on the 5th…

  11. Awesome information and totally relevant to what I have in hand and in front of me. I am a researcher first before decisions and this is the phase I am in, looking at all the elements especially partners before moving ahead.

    I am deep in a MAJOR transformation across all of my life and it is too important to me to make quick or emotional decisions, not my style nor how I made it this far in life

    I will consult my chart to see what the aspect in it of Mercury is but my inner sense is to investigate and let all the facts come in before I commit to anything, as when I do it is full force and total.

    Love your wisdom and advice, always relevant and clear and aligned with what God is showing me. You are in my opinion a very special being

    Love and Light to you always


  12. Robin Richardson

    Thank you! I love what you do.

  13. Kelly I am so grateful for you. For your gracious and open ways of sharing your gifts with the world. You are one of my heroes. I have been watching your youtube channel for a few years and you never fail to impress and inspire me. I am in awe of your ability to give guidance so effortlessly and effectively. You remind me that I am deserving and worthy! I hear your words of encouragement and advice throughout my day and sometimes your singing… I miss that by the way. I am eternally grateful. Thank you for being one of the brightest colors in my tapestry of life. I dont even know you, but youre family. Light and Love always! Your friend forever, Sierra

    PS I am coming upon abundance this year and will be able to afford not only to meet my needs for a change, but also to gain your private services which I have look forward to since I began watching you!! Sooooo excited!

  14. Kosala KuSilvamari De

    I am so exited after listing to your reading for pisceson September and many thanks, I feel that what you said is right for me I would like to know more about my future because i have to take some important decisions about my life.

  15. Love the wisdom that you share and the personal style you have of sharing. As a virgoan I am always hammered by the Mercury retrogrades.

    My question is about the time margin you mention at the end of the retrograde – a couple days!!??
    I have found that disruptions in communications, upsets and surprises continue for a week or more past the official Station Direct – More things go wrong after I thought that I had reached a place of normalness.

    Practically speaking it is a question of is it feasible to go for a financial deal, e.g. purchase a car, begin an off-grid construction project – if conditions seem favorable – during say the last 10 days of this September?
    What do you think?

  16. Hi Kelley, I have been listening to and watching you for years. Thank you for all you do.

    I have a question, if I want to launch a new website, can I work on it during the shadow period after Mercury is direct if I don’t launch it until mid-October?

    Hopefully I will be getting a private reading soon but if you just let me know, that would be awesome. I am a Libra (late Sept) and I really want to ride this Jupiter wave.

    Thank you!

  17. Yes, Mercury retrograde is best for working on projects and launch when he is direct. Mercury moved direct today!

  18. Excited you will be in Massachusetts!

  19. Hi Kelley,

    I am an academic who submitted a paper to a top journal in my field back in July. I have just now received a verdict of “revise and resubmit.” That means I am asked to make changes to the paper in light of their comments and objections, and they will re-consider the paper once I have made those changes.

    My question is really about timing. I would like to send the revised paper back to the journal in late November/ early December. But since their review usually takes some time, there is a good chance they will be deciding on the verdict through the retrograde period in December/January.

    You have said that mercury retrograde is good for revisions, re-dos, etc. From that point of view, I suppose my plan would be fine. But you have also made clear that mercury retrograde is not good for launches, and there is a sense in which I am launching the paper here (or re-launching it). So I am not sure!

    This is a matter of huge importance for my career! Any advice would be so welcome and appreciated.

    Yours—in gratitude,
    Libra (23°12′), Capricorn moon (14°21′).

  20. Thanks for the info, as an intuitive using tarot I’m not versed in astrology. Except that lately I find that I thrive during Mer. retrogrades…not sure why that is. Knock on wood 😉 I plan to work on my videos teaching wellness/spiritual professionals how to rank their websites locally. That feels like good M.R. work and perhaps I’ll hold them till Jan….not sure as the project is already started…

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