PodcastsKelley provides monthly astrology forecasts for all twelve signs. She will also be sharing her New Moon and Full Moon reports. Kelley will analyze and discuss current world events. She will explain the astrological events, the shift into higher consciousness, new realities, the Ascension and economic justice. How the transformation in consciousness is affecting each of the twelve signs. Kelley’s goal is to share her love for astrology, coaching and spirituality. Kelley loves to empower people to move from fear to Love and live your best life.


“You are pure inspiration Kelley! Just listened to October and November for Capricorn. Your energy, life force and motivation are just so inspiring. I’m sure you must positively change things for a lot of people. Thank you!” ~ Nina Wornham, UK

 Hi Kelley, im Kerry; a big loving Leo!!

I just want to let you know that im just starting to listen to my heart and become open to meditation and all the wonders of the universe and that 

watching your videos are really helping me get in touch with my higher person!

Thankyou <3

Your monthly astrology forecasts are here. You download these high quality audios for a $1.99. This helps to support Kelley, this website and YouTube channel. Providing you with the highest quality astrology coaching sessions on the planet. Thank you for your support. Shop here

Blessings and Abundance,

Kelley Rosano


You can sample the astrology forecasts for free on iTunes


“You’re Awesome Kelley! Thank you for sharing your gift.” — Many Blessings, Eva Cassaras

Aloha Kelley,
“I send you gratitude and light blessings for sharing the many precious gifts that come through you, what a gift you are. I found your posts through mystic mama and have now found your Virgo channeling on YouTube, yippee! Because march, well, what a cosmic ride!! My thanks to you.

So much intense change is happening for me, I would love to have a reading with you of that is a possibility to look at my chart progressed and transits and also my cartography, where I can best serve and be served… Oh that sag moon!
I am situated in the north island of. New Zealand and believe you are in Colorado? So there is a bit of a time difference to play with in terms of a reading time. A few years ago I lived in

Connecticut doing an arts residency, I always wanted to visit Colorado. I come from a mountainous volcanic part of New Zealand. Very powerful indeed.
I look forward to hearing from you and I sincerely thank you for all the riches you have shared already online, it had really helped!” — Pomarie, Timoti


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