Now is the time to explore your deepest desires, discover your purpose and connect with your creative self. Tap into your authentic Goddess power.

What is authentic Goddess power?

  • Authentic Goddess power is knowing who you are — Your Beauty.
  • Knowing what works for you and what does not — Your Truth.
  • Being your own best friend — Empowered Relationship with Yourself.
  • Connected with your soul and I am presence — Spiritual Power.
  • Courage to do what is right — Making the tough choices.
  • Living from your creativity and not the competitive ego.

Through years of guiding our sister-babes, I continue to see how finding the point of brilliance can help to live a fulfilled life. With increased confidence, passion, and strength you can live a life of unlimited abundance. As a powerful Goddess, you are a role model, making positive changes in our world.

Are you ready to tap into your Goddess power and go after what you really want?

Join me on WednesdayMay 30th at 6 PM EDT for a FREE live webinar/training where I will give you the tools you need to go after the awesome life you have always imagined.

CITY              TIME
Boston           6  PM  EDT
Chicago         5  PM  CDT
Denver           4  PM  MDT
Los Angeles  3  PM  PDT
San Diego      3  PM  PDT
London          11 PM GMD
Sydney           8  AM GST  Thursday, May 31

I have more awesomeness for you … Look to your email inbox for updates soon.

Blessings and Abundance,


To find your local time for our live event click on the clock here




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  3. Kelly, please attend the Arise Music Festival (Aug 7-9)and provide astrological services! I know you are from Boulder, so this is in Loveland and I would LOVE for you to attend!

  4. It says add to cart the workshop i want to go to then a link to pay, but doesnt mention where it is ???? i am in uk are they in the same country as me, i cannot afford to leave uk so have not bought until i know

  5. The workshop is on line. It will be at 7 PM your time. I will give you the link to the webinar three hours before the event. Or you can use the phone number and call in. And, if you miss the event. Everyone that signs up will get the link to the private podcast and handouts. I would love to see you there. I love the UK!!

  6. hi kelley …I want to get the 9.95 webcast on money and astrology comming up in june but I wont be able to interact or even be there at the time specified ( noon)…do I still get it so I could watch it later even tho its over?

  7. Yes, everyone that purchases the webinar will receive the private link and companion workbook that goes with it.

  8. Hi Kelly
    Because of my location I’m not able to buy a reading from you or books. I love all your youtube videoes and i trust you totally to do my readings but it does work buying it online. What can i do?

  9. FYI: The first link on http://bizwizsuccessacademy.com/astrology/business-financial-astrology/ goes to an error page.
    Already signed up for the two June webinars. The first is about 24 hours away. Is it a good idea to have my personal chart on hand for the webinar? Any suggestions to prepare for either webinar?
    In addition, is there a way to send you my chart when I schedule a session? It would save you time instead of just a birthdate? You Rock! Thank You

  10. The link is working http://bizwizsuccessacademy.com/astrology/business-financial-astrology/

    There is no preparation required of you before webinar events. Yes, you can have your chart on hand that is a great idea. Kelley uses her own charts for client sessions. Your birth information is required to work with Kelley.

  11. Your ability to schedule your session on line is required.

  12. Hi Kelley! I purchased the Money Webinar but I couldn’t attend the event for it was at 3:00AM where I live. How can I access to the private podcast? Do you send out by e-mail? Love you!

  13. Yes, I am getting ready to publish the link right now. Money Webinar was over 90 minutes. It was a fantastic turnout.

  14. I wanted to attend your webinars but I was unable due to prior commitments. Will you have the webinars download for sale?

  15. No worries if you miss the event. Everyone who purchases the Live Event webinars will receive the private video link to this event. You will also receive the companion workbook from the program.


  16. Dear Kelley,

    Just purchased the Money Astrology and Law of Attraction Program, but did not receive a link to the Money Companion workbook. I’d be most grateful if you could send me the link to it. Love your work and looking forward to receiving the workbook. Have a wonderful week!
    Heartfelt thanks!

  17. Dear Cassandra:

    You received the links to the video programs at checkout. They were emailed to you. Please check your email. Also, the companion workbooks were emailed to you. Please check your email. We are resending the email to you with the videos and the companion books. Please check your email.

    Thank you,
    Kelley’s Assistant

  18. I did not get the link in my email to the money webinar
    It was great
    I clicked on my iPad and list the info 1/4 way through it

    It was Amazing so far

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  20. I am having trouble purchasing thru website. Cannot find a phone number to call u.
    I need help

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  22. Hi Kelley!
    Any chance you would teach astrology to others who adore your skills!! (like me?)

  23. I have registered for the webinar, do I need to down load an app before then. I am not sure how to go about it.

  24. No app is needed. You just click on the link you were given at 6 PM EDT on Wednesday, May 30 and you are in!

  25. Hi Kelley,
    I found you! Thanks for the reset password link. I’m going to start over the modules so I can do the work book more efficiently. I have zoned in to a newer technique for hair extensions and will be certified by November! I also traveled to Laguna Beach to have the creator do my hair extensions so I can feel what they are like and present the quality and appearance of them. They are so beautiful! Only two others in my area certified Making a website…. starting today
    Thank you for the push and new knowledge in how to grow self and love self enough to be a wealthy goddess!
    What key points do you recommend to have in a website other than the obvious?

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