25 Secrets to Having The Life You Want

These are simple, though not necessarily easy, to learn.

  • You will accomplish much more and much more easily if you take the time to first strengthen your personal foundation.
  • Come to see how perfect your life is today, even if it doesn’t look or feel that way.
  • Proactively choose the type of energy that you want to use during your life.
  • Decide that you want to learn, continuously and forever. Then choose to learn how to learn.
  • Reorient your life around the gifts you have, no matter what they are.
  • Put your integrity first, your needs second, and your wants third.
  • Let yourself have it all, even if it feels like too much.
  • Before you create a future, resolve the past and perfect the present.
  • For an effortless life, get more than you need and far more than you deserve.
  • Invest 10% of your time to maximize the other 90%.
  • Set your goals based on your values, not on coulds, woulds, wills or shoulds.
  • Start on your path to financial independence even if it doesn’t seem realistic.
  • Stop trying to change your behavior, instead, start shifting and evolving.
  • Triple your personal boundaries until your heart and spirit have the room they need.
  • Stop hanging around people who have less to lose than you do.
  • Stop waiting for anything. Instead, initiate 100% of the time.
  • Solve your problems, even if you didn’t cause them.
  • Build a community of people who bring out your best without trying to.
  • Develop your spirituality in a way that feels right to you.
  • Educate your environment until it responds to you the way you like.
  • Get love.
  • Let your vision set your goals and guide your life.
  • Expand your vocabulary so you can be and share yourself.
  • Get comfortable with change and chaos.
  • Get a coach. —Coach University

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