World-renowned Kelley Rosano is an authority on astrology, coaching, and spirituality. She has been an astrologer for over forty-four years. Kelley has been a successful business owner for thirty years.  Kelley works with students from all over the world including the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA, and South America.

Kelley is uplifting, inspiring and empowering. She is an accomplished teacher and a highly effective coach.  She weaves astrology, coaching, and spiritual knowledge together. This practice empowers you to transform your life. Kelley has a gift for quickly pinpointing where you are getting in your own way. Nothing gets past her and she does not hesitate to give you the truth that you need to hear. I have known her for over twenty-two years. When you apply her insight, you will be amazed how fast your life changes for the better. 




The Kelley Rosano Academy is for women who are confident, capable, strong, smart and sexy. Female entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, healers, and professionals. Goddess women who are successful and/or want to be more successful. We will be teaching our sister-babes how to build yourself, build your business and build abundance. Beautiful women who want to live their best life. So that you can make a positive change in the world.  Our academy is a training playground for passionate and creative women who want to learn how to build wealth and build community. Sign up to be notified for our next course: The Wealthy Biz Goddess 2.0.  




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“Your words are like blessings! I believe that we have a choice of how to express a message of growth to others.  You chose to deliver your insights, in a way that feels supportive whether they are a message about beautiful abundance or a message about a challenging lesson coming our way.  I have watched many other forecasters and came away feeling badly, I felt like things will not go well for me.  With you, even when the message is about being cautious, you couch it in such a way that the light shines through and hope fills my heart.  More than that, I come away from every one of your messages, feeling inspired, glad to be me!  I just wanted you to know that by honoring your true calling, you are making a positive difference in the lives of others and I am grateful! ”  — Emily Henry


Kelley’s philosophy:

When you role model to others a clear path to living powerfully. That is who-we-really-are.  You are teaching what you know through your example. The beauty is through your very demonstration in living your truth. You are creating opportunities for others to follow their own truth. Your empowered example will offer people a roadmap to follow their own heart’s desires. You are to live your whole-self life. Living in your creative power to build wealth and happiness.  It is your destiny to reach your greatest potential. You are a powerful creator. You are here to be abundant so that Creator can work through you to advance all life. What are you creating?


Hi Kelley,

This is Kelley Mountain, you did a session for me back in Feb. I want to give a testimonial for your work 🙂  here ya go: I can’t say enough about the benefit of my session with Kelley.  It has been about 3 months since our time together, and the information she has shared with me has been a solid structure of support for me, in a time of intense challenge, exciting new opportunities and expansion, and transition.  I have listened to the recording several times now, each time revealing more and more information, further illuminating a process for me that has been very unpredictable and mysterious.  From steeping myself in her information, I feel grounded, trusting, open, clear, secure, and empowered.                                                        

Kelley’s delivery of information is empowering and she has a keen sense of interpreting the astrological forecast.  The way she shared the information has felt nurturing, grounded, clear, insightful, and came with some good humor and playfulness of her personality.  

This is a gift I have given myself that is still unfolding, 3 months later, and will continue to do so for the next couple years, I think.  I highly encourage anyone to reach out for a session with her, for the value of the information shared, along with the self-reflective aspect of the recordings, is worth far more than her asking price for her sessions.  

Thank you Kelley! I hope you are well and thriving!


Who are Kelley’s students?

They are celebrated celebrities, leading-edge corporations, successful entrepreneurs, doctors, famous artists, healers, teachers coaches, and lawyers. Kelley’s students are highly functional, enlightened and successful people. People that have problems, pains, frustrations, fears, and unfulfilled desires. No matter what your challenge is, you can get to a better feeling place. You can improve. Our students are people who are passionate and want more out of life. People who are determined to be empowered and financially successful. Throughout this website, you will read what a few folks have said about working with Kelley Rosano. The value, joy and improvements students have received from their investment.


• Is it time to take your life in a new direction?
• Are you are ready for financial empowerment? 
• Is your heart in what you are doing now?
• Do you need help in finding your right path?
• What untapped talent, gifts, skills, and abilities could be used to create revenue today?


Hi Kelley, Thank you so much for that consultation last night. I couldn’t take it all in so I’ve just listened to it again! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, expertise, life experience and honesty in such a kind and loving way and thank you most of all for modeling the healing power of showing up as your true authentic self. As I said before, you’re my role model. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun to ‘meet’ you. I can really feel the healing power of your words today. Love and blessings and gratitude to you, Aisling


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 “That was a wonderful reading Kelly and look forward to more of your readings in the coming months, love your style and passion as i am a Scorpio 11/21/74 with a Scorpio rising.it all coming together after a long time, property, fitness, architecture creative job and about to get engaged on the 13th Nov, thanks again. Kind Regards” Ben Hyde, Surry Hills NSW Australia

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